Things that matter to me…

human potential

making a difference




family & friends

what am I doing? 

Using what I have in my hand to grow the desires of my heart.

In my hand is the context of education. Whether it be children, young people or adults, I love to equip, grow and provide conditions for learning that can bring positive change.

In my heart is the desire to help people unleash their potential. Each one of us have a unique contribution to make in the world, but often we need someone alongside to help to shape our path.

At Northern Beaches Christian School I am responsible for communications, marketing and media. As the Director of Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning, seek to ‘Lead the Change’ in reinventing schools and learning to engage and inspire.

In addition to this, I serve on a couple of boards, CEFPI and Halogen Foundation.

what else have I done?

I started as a primary school teacher in the 1980s. I have held leadership roles in the not-for-profit sector, working for community, educational, national and international organisations.

I am invited to present at conferences and facilitate workshops. I enjoy connecting with people, inspiring change and challenging mindsets. See more about what I do here: engage expertise


I’m a real person, a wife, a mother and a mother-in-law. In 2013 I trained for ocean swimming and competed in the North Bondi Classic in February 2014. Then in late 2014 I decided to start running, training for the Mothers Day Classic in 2015. I am not fast, but I am determined. I have learnt a lot about myself through this, that I am goal driven, and I’ve learnt that winning doesn’t necessarily mean coming first.

My Christian faith is an important element of who I am. Whatever I do, I seek to live out my purpose

One more thing, I know about coffee. Some of my suggestions are here: the coffee

contact me 

find the contact page on scil.com.au

7 thoughts on “about

  1. I’m so impressed with your insight. I have recently become frustrated by the number of my colleagues who are not “learners.” Your ideas inspire me!

  2. Thanks Anne for being a carrier of change of educational in Australia. I have been inspired by Ken Robinson, Dylan Williams and Guy Claxton to make a change in our schools but didn’t know where to start, you have given a voice to what many educators, like myself, are passionate about. Can’t wait to read the posts from your trip. All the best,
    Yvonne Hughes

  3. Hi Anne,
    Enjoy your blog. We produce a TV series in Melbourne called Today’s Schools. If you get to Melbourne let’s know. We would love to interview you . Let’s know if you would like a link to some of our segments.

  4. Hi Anne,

    I would love to get more in touch with you. My name is Brooke Maasepp (maiden name, Keegan). I am Kevin Keegan’s daughter, Grace Keegan’s grand-daughter – I think we are related in some way.
    I am a Kindergarten teacher in the ACT and am heavily involved in AITSL’s Learning Frontiers project, working as a leader for our design Hub. My school is one of the Lab schools in the ACT and I would love some of your insights as we begin this journey. My dad was telling me a little bit about what you do, and I have read some of the things through this blog. I also have a blog, brookejaimie.wordpress.com, sharing and tracking my professional growth and development, with a particular focus on the LF project. Feel free to take a look, it is in its early days.

    I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Kind Regards,

  5. Hi Anne I am a Mexican kindergarten teacher who is currently studing a barchellors in Pedagogy. My final project is about a virtual route to help teachers learn and build the skills they lack or want to improve. I really like the way you present information in such a clear way. I would like some advice. Thanks

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