Leadership is important to me.  I’ve spent considerable time investigating what makes a great leader. This has taken me on a journey of exploring change. Leaders change things. In addition to this, effective leaders lead in a culture of excellence and respect for people.

So whatever I do, these key things drive me:

Leadership – Change – Culture – Excellence

Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning hosts an international study tours program. These tours provide educators, leaders and architects the opportunity to visit places of interest, with the view to broadening vision and facilitating change.

Over time I have connected with a broad network of international professional friends who provide insight and welcome us to their ‘home’. I plan each element of the tour from the professionals who provide the input, to the logistics – hotels, transport links and even places for dinner. The tours are co-hosted with Stephen Harris, the principal at Northern Beaches Christian School.

These tours and the friends we have made along the way have provided me with a unique knowledge and understanding of the global snapshot of education, innovation and change

For conferences and seminars my main areas of expertise are:

  • Understanding the importance of ‘Place’ for work and learning
  • Rethinking professional learning
  • Leading through change
  • Vision thinking
  • Leadership and governance

From time to time I work with people who are seeking to grow their own capacity. This can involved identifying and growing specific skills, as well as guiding career growth.


In the media

Learning to move with the times, Sydney Morning Herald Aug 2011

More the merrier: top results from mega class, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 2013

Smaller class sizes or quality teaching, (video) Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 2013

Lean In Stories, posted on website 20 June, 2013

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