Open space learning: Let’s talk about the elephant-in-the-(class)-room. The ABC of acoustics

I was standing in The Zone with an architect. The hubbub of learning engagement was all around. 180 students and six teachers call this space ‘home’ at Northern Beaches Christian School. In front of us a teacher was taking a large group through a step-by-step process on a particularly technical aspect of uploading their work […]

The feminine and feminist leadership challenge: Embracing the “both/and” rather than “either/or” #leaningin

A number of years ago I made a professional decision that I wouldn’t shy away from the “difficult conversation”. At the time I was working for a school system and I had witnessed too many serious problems that need not have escalated if, when the leader was faced the brutal facts, he/she was prepared to […]

Taking the pledge: My opinion doesn’t always need expression.

Social media has potentially given everyone a voice. Anyone with an opinion has an avenue to express it and an audience to receive it. But should we express an opinion just because we hold it? I’m taking the pledge: I will hold my opinion unless: I’m invited It will add value and can change things […]

Putting the legs on vision. Making it scalable, sustainable and enduring

There are some people who embrace change and others have change thrust upon them. There are a few who are visionary leaders, some who put legs on vision, others who are swept along and a handful who doggedly hang onto the status quo. Which are you? I’m one of the people ‘who put legs on […]

Finland “only country…students leave…innovation ready” a big call. Some thoughts from my own experiences

“…it is the only country where students leave high schools “innovation ready” I have visited schools in Finland on numerous occasions now. I have found a hardworking nation – the community, its students and teachers – with a commitment to attaining high educational outcomes. Finland is definitely a nation the ‘punches above its weight’. But, […]

What’s your strategy to keep Gen Ys engaged and interested in teaching for the long haul*? (You may have to lead them differently)

(*about five years seems to be the long haul for these guys) Recruiting, training and retaining young teachers is a challenge. Gen Y have a high work turnover rate, so instead of rolling our collective Baby Boomer/Gen X eyes, maybe we should be considering how we keep them. We need them to stay. Our kids […]