Dr Anne Knock is an independent consultant, a complexity strategist and an educator at heart. She has over three decades experience in education, design and development.

I began my career as a primary school teacher, moving on to successfully lead community development programs, working in school system administration and developing a strategic educational innovation centre in Sydney.

My expertise in the education sector lends itself to my consultancy work; to reconfigure educational and professional environments through re-imagining culture. With my unique approach, I can work with you to create an environment that is truly innovative, in which you and your people can thrive.

I now have a PhD from the University of Melbourne. My qualitative research explored the success and sustainability of change in the workplace, focusing on the teaching and learning environment.

I am available for professional speaking engagements at schools, conferences and workplaces. I can speak to a wide range of topics, including:

  • Embracing complexity in a changing world: finding beauty in the mess.
  • Achieving transformation by engaging and empowering your people.
  • Learning from anywhere: looking for bright spots
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