Prenzlauer Berg is a short train trip from Berlin, and a cool suburb of restaurants, bars and cafes. I had a weekend with my son here in 2014. We booked an apartment not far from the station, at a very reasonable price.


Not a restaurant, but a very cool idea – Kochhaus, a chain of grocery stores across major cities in Germany. Because we were staying in an apartment I wanted to cook. Kochhaus is a great concept. It is a grocery store that is not arranged by categories (pasta, meat, cheese), but according to recipes, the ingredients and accompanying wines.

My son and I walked around, decided what we wanted to eat, bought the ingredients for two and cooked dinner together back at our apartment. I love this concept. According the Kochhaus website there is an ever-changing selection of 18 different recipes, two to three of which change weekly.

Konnopke’s Imbiss – If you see a queue of people under the metro line, near a caravan-like structure it is likely to be the famous curry wurst in Prenzlauer Berg. That many Germans can’t be wrong.

Drink (coffee)

The Barn, Mitte

Bonanza Coffee Prenzlauer Berg
Bonanza Coffee Heroes

Bonanza Coffee Heroes, Prenzauer Berg was in the same street as our apartment. It was our regular each morning.


So much to experience in Berlin – recent and not so recent history, much or it not-so-cheery.

In 2014 we spent time at the outdoor section of the Topographies of Terror. During the Third Reich the headquarters of the Secret State Police, the SS and the Reich Security Main Office were located at the site.The exhibitions change, but when we were there is was a record of the Nazi’s plans to destroy Poland. On a previous visit it was focussed on the brutality to sections of the community, including  Jews, woman and homosexuals. It is worth spending time to read and reflect.

I enjoy shopping in Berlin, especially Hackescher Markt in the unofficial old town. But remember to have Euros/cash. Credit cards are not as ubiquitous in Berlin as other parts of the world.