Design/Engage Workshops at SCIL

Design Engage Workshops are available at SCIL.  Find out more here.

The SCIL Design/Engage Platform is a collaborative, visual, tactile, scaffolded embodiment of design thinking.


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Design/Engage provides a platform for effective collaboration within a team developing  planning new learning designs or a implementing a change strategy. It promotes empathy and insight utilising a UX (user experience) approach.

Sitting behind the three planning boards are a series of mindsets and responses to innovation.

People Board: Discover and define your team, gain clarity around your vision and values

Story Board: Ideate the strategy that will see your Big Idea and Mountaintop become a reality.

Habitat Board: Shape physical and virtual spaces to support your strategy.

After ideas have been visualised, teams can leave the design/engage kit and implement a prototype or actual manifestation of their ideas.

The challenge at this point is to move immediately back into “discovery” mode and become receptive to the new insights that arise from observing how people engage with the ideas.

What they say about Design/Engage…

DE groupDesign/Engage is a fantastic model for the collaborative organisation of programs, projects and cross-curricular activities. In a very hands-on workshop guided by Anne, my colleague and I were able to design a cross curricular project for Year 8 that was more thoroughly developed than any project I have worked on before.

By looking at such things as the values that underpinned the project, the types of learners who would engage with the project, staff expectations and the physical and digital environment, Design/Engage enabled us to develop a rich, engaging and multi-dimensional cross-curricular project. I am excited to share this program with my colleagues at school and plan to use it in the development of all future cross-curricular projects in the school.

I highly recommend Design/Engage to all staff who work collaboratively on program and project development. This was the best inservice I have ever been to.
Belinda, 2017 workshop participant