Anne Knock
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Researcher, Speaker, Traveler: The Future of Learning

Design has become too important to be left to designers.

Tim Brown, Change by Design

Learning Design opportunities for your school or organisation

  • Keynotes and presentations: Present the case for change to inspire your community
  • Seminars to explain concepts of future-focused learning design
  • Workshop utilising scaffolded collaborative tools to develop a design mindset.
  • International study tours to inspire change
  • Consulting with designers, architects and educational suppliers to understand and work in today’s market.

The Future of Learning is Design

Learning design applies principles used by designers, to re-imagine the experience of the learner by providing personalised approaches, authentic and meaningful outputs, and pathways to success. Design always start with empathy, and in this case it’s understanding the needs of the learner.

Sophie.pngEmpathy for the learner then leads to the application of inquiry approaches which foster curiosity, by presenting engaging questions to solve real-world problems. This opens a world of opportunities. Once, didactic and content-focused approaches were considered to be an efficient means to cover the curriculum and a teacher’s role was to ‘deliver’. Now teachers have a suite of tools to engage learners, and the role of the teacher shifts from deliverer of content to designer of learning.

Important to the idea of ‘teacher as designer’ is deciding how the learning space can serve the learner and the learning. Flexibility and agility of the space provide agency, students and teachers can determine how the space can be utilised. The pace of technological change means that the design of the space supports current digital needs, yet can be adaptable for what’s next.


How I can support future-focused change in your school or organisation?