What do you need?

Do you want your organisation to be a place where people work together and feel empowered to make decisions that will make a positive contribution to your future?

As your complexity strategist, I work with you to make that happen. Our 21st century culture demands new ways of working and thinking, and outdated workspaces and styles of leadership are unsustainable in our changing world. I’ll help you to transform your working or learning environment so that your people can become real agents of change.

This doesn’t just mean creating a new physical space to encourage new ways of working — in my experience, this alone won’t create lasting culture change. It begins with clarity around how your people use and think about the environments they’re working in. This develops into a strategy that emerges from the bottom, where your people are invested in the process, no longer merely cogs in a machine.

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How I can get you there?

Think of me as the translator between your present and a thriving future.

Human environments encompass both the physical space and the human experience, and my approach to environmental strategy is to integrate the two using the principles of complexity theory.

Why complexity? Simply put, provides an innovative and future-focused lens to address and challenge culture. In practise, it means shifting from a ‘command-and-control’ style of leadership with its simple cause-and-effect solutions, to a ‘lead-with’ approach where solutions emerge from the bottom up. As a team, your people become one coactive unit, working and thinking together in new ways that allow innovation to emerge.

Invest in change and engage your people. You’ll be rewarded with more collaborative work and more creative solutions.

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I can help you with

Strategy Mapping

Illuminating your pathway to the ultimate goal: new ways of working, learning and thinking.

Re-Defining Leadership

Creating a ‘lead with’ culture to deconstruct hierarchies, focusing on innovation, empathy and creativity.

Design Insight

Bringing knowledge and experience of learning and working environments to human-centred design.

Educational Masterplanning

Wholistically linking your culture and practices to the physical environment.

Sustainable Change

Re-imagining practices, structures, systems and roles with the long-term in mind.

Vision Workshops

Co-creating your future. Real change starts from within your team.

Create a lasting change in the culture of your work or learning space.

My approach has a wide range of applications, including in education (primary, secondary and tertiary), healthcare, government, corporations, non-profit organisations and more.

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