I believe that there can be amazing benefits for anyone who chooses to reconfigure their environment and the ways in which they work in and relate to it.

Here are just some of the areas I’ve worked in previously:


Co-creating innovative learning environments for deeper learning and diverse pedagogy

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A brighter future for collaborative creative spaces.

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Community Organisations

Re-imagine places where your vital work gets done.

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The principles I work by are easily applicable to a wide range of sectors and environments, and there’s no limit to what we can achieve when applying the principles of complexity.

If you’re interested in pursuing a complexity strategy but aren’t sure if it’s right for your situation, talk to me today.


The last few decades have seen huge advances in technology, and our thinking about knowledge and learning processes have changed. My question is, have schools kept pace with change?

We need a re-evaluation of how the hierarchical school environment fosters effective learning and passionately engaged teachers. I believe applying complexity principles is the answer. Your students and teachers need to feel engaged to feel as if they have a stake in the process (because they do!). With my help, your students and their teachers can become more motivated, creative and collaborative.

What can I do for Education?

To put it simply, I just want to make schools better for kids.

Using the principles of complexity, I can help you to map out a path to this goal of making schools into better learning environments, where your kids will be more motivated, more creative and better able to work together.

Making use of complexity as a tool for change in your school involves a big shift in its culture, which can be tricky to navigate. I can help you to broaden your vision and clarify the values that are most important to you. I’ll analyse your current school environment, make an assessment and work with you to not only design a better environment, but figure out your path to get there.

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Businesses have traditionally functioned in a culture based on a hierarchical model, but what if there was a better way? One that empowers its employees to be original thinkers and where innovation comes from the knowledge and experience they have within?

When you re-imagine what a corporate environment can be, both in terms of its physical space and the culture, the potential for growth, employee happiness and client satisfaction can only increase.

What can I do for Corporate?

I can help you to re-imagine your company’s future and re-think your work practices with the principles of complexity.

I’ll analyse your current workplace, make an assessment and then work with you to not only to provide insight to design a better environment, but figure out your path to get there. We’ll examine employee culture, organisational structure, office layout and even the client experience, making sure that every employee gets the chance to be involved.

There’s a better future out there for businesses and people — all you have to do is reach for it.

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When furthering a social cause is your goal, you want to make sure that every element of your workspace is optimised for effective work and that every member of your team is engaged and ready to collaborate.

A complexity strategy can bring out the best in your non-profit organisation team members, which will then be reflected in the work that you do for your cause.

What can I do for Non-Profits?

I’ll assess your environment, including all aspects of the physical workspace, organisational culture and team hierarchy, and make an assessment as to where I think changes might add value. I’ll then work directly with you and your team to make a better space for you all — one that empowers your team members to make better decisions and stronger actions.

Effective work for a social cause starts within your organisation, not outside of it.

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