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Firestarter talk for Relearn 2020: The Beauty of a Complex Future

Complexity theory helps us navigate change through the ‘uns’… unknown, unprecedented and unexpected. In these 15 minutes I pose three questions:

  1. What is something unexpected you are taking forward from 2020?
  2. What are some taken-for-granted assumptions about school that are ripe for change?
  3. When have you experienced the benefits of bottom-up-led change?
There are only two ways to influence human behaviour:
you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.
(Sinek, 2009)

In conversation with Anne Knock

The Art of Teaching Podcast: 23 February, 2021

The Beauty of a Complex Future: How we can embrace the messiness of change

I talk to Matthew @Imanewteacher Green about my work in navigating and scaffolding change and what I’ve been learning as I study. This includes:

  • How might we create environments where people thrive?
  • How do we transform cultural to sustain change?


Future-focused teaching: 11 May 2020

In this podcast produced by Atomi, I chat about the value of adapting the physical learning environment, as well as my role as ‘translator’ as I work alongside schools and architects in the development of new projects.

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