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I started blogging about five years ago as a way to share ideas and insights about education (and life) from the perspectives of leadership, design, culture and vision. I work at Northern Beaches Christian School, an innovative forward-thinking school in Sydney, Australia. At NBCS I am the Director at SCIL, a consultancy that loves conversation and collaboration, working with educators and leaders from across the globe to connect pedagogy, culture, leadership and space.

Each year I also have the wonderful opportunity to lead study tours to places of educational innovation and design, and to meet the change agents who make it happen. Along the way I also have some traveller tales to tell and have included some insights and ideas, especially for those of you who need to find good coffee while you are away.

In August 2016 I joined the Melbourne University research Project: Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (iletc.com.au). This project is investigating the question, “Can altering teacher mind frames unlock the potential of innovative learning environments?” It is a joint education and architecture project. My particular part in the project is looking at the teacher pedagogy piece.

Basically, I like to encourage others to think about change and to take the plunge, or at least dip their toe in.

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