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Oodi Public Library, Helsinki

Open the link in this picture to watch the video: Tommi Laitio, Executive Director of Culture and Leisure for the City of Helsinki, talks on Helsinki’s Oodi Library, the “New Public Library of the Year,” and how to make library’s spaces that are beneficial and enjoyable to today’s society.

The New York Times Article:
Helsinki’s New Library Has 3-D Printers and Power Tools. (And Some Books, Too.)

“…a laser cutter, computerized embroidery machines and equipment to digitally sculpt wood. In one glassed-in area on the building’s second floor, Helsinki residents could repair personal electronic items by 3D-printing replacement parts and soldering them together. “(NYT – Dec. 6, 2018)

Future Classroom Lab – Carlsberg University, Copenhagen

From: Future Classroom Lab

Future Clasroom Lab DK is a physical space in Copenhagen. The lab is part of the Campus Carlsberg and has 10000 students and a wide range of local K12 schools as its users. The lab is also the classroom for Future Classroom Teacher – a new teacher training class with all its teaching done in the lab. The lab is situated in the old Carlsberg Brewery and is about 1000 m2 with its 5 learning zones.

We have a wide variety of educational technology: 3D printers, VR/AR setup, Gaming, Robots, Microcontrollers , Lego Mindstorm and WeDo2 and a lot more. Future Classroom Lab is funded by CFU/UCC, and works closely with the Danish Ministry of Education.

Future Schools Scotland

In Scotland’s ‘Schools of the Future’ program, schools have moved from ‘classrooms, corridors and a gym hall’ to true ‘learning landscapes’.

From: Social Spaces in the Learning Environment

“The emphasis on school design is not solely on creating spaces that will enable academic excellence, but on creating spaces that will help to develop the individuals’ skills as a whole, taking learning out of the classroom and also providing the right mix of spaces within a school for children and young adults to socialise”

“Within the past decade, following the Scottish Futures
Trust’s ‘Schools for the Future’ programme, the education
sector in Scotland has witnessed a building boom with
inspirational spaces appearing the length and breadth of the
country.” From: Case Study: Social spaces in the learning environment

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