Facilitating Ideas & Action

How might we collaborate?

How we learn, what we learn and where we learn, as a local community and global community, matters.

We need to educate our young people to solve wicked problems, those that are both complex and paradoxical and they require a broad set of adaptable skills. It is my belief that the environment in which this occurs matters to the development of the skills necessary to successfully navigate the intricacy of life in the 21st century.

Each phase of a project has critical elements that can embed the desired culture, so that it lives well-beyond the life of the building project.

In the phases outlined there are particular needs, both human and material, to be considered as we re-define the place of learning, re-imagine the role of the teacher and re-invigorate pedagogy to engage and inspire learners.

In my work with schools there are three key roles: Strategist, Translator and Creative Director. At each phase these roles correlate to your need.

Next steps

The links below provide further detail on how I might add value to your development project – be it human or material – as your in-house:

Strategist: Setting the course and maintaining momentum

Translator: Design guidance & community transformation

Creative Director: Design for learning and leadership

Let’s talk.

We can identify your needs and work out a strategy.