For more than three decades I have worked in education and development. Commencing as a primary school teacher, I then moved into leading community development programs, school system administration and growing a school-based innovation centre in Sydney.

For the last 15 years I have worked directly with schools, systems, principals, teachers, school boards and architects, facilitating innovation and change through:

  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Report writing
  • MC for events
  • Publications
  • Professional travel

2018 – 2019 worked/working with:

Design Thinking Workshops

Application of design thinking/user experience method, supporting a collaborative approach utilising design as an approach for transformation and solution finding.

Masterplan Consulting & Design Guidance and Insight

Working alongside leadership teams, architects and other professionals to develop design principles and shape the educational brief.

Keynote Speaker and MC

Keynote, panel member and facilitator at conferences across Australia, in New Zealand, Asia and Europe:

  • Future of learning
  • Learning design
  • Transforming culture
  • International experiences in transforming schools.


  • Learning Environments Australasia Great Debate, August 2019
  • Future Schools Conference 2015 and 2016

Writing & visualisations:

How might we cut through the noise by communicating simply and with clarity?

Professional Travel

Since 2011 I have organised and led international study tours to Europe, Scandinavia, UK, New Zealand and in Australia. Over this time more than 80 people have participated.


Knock A (2019) “Empowering teaching teams: An essential factor in the success of innovative learning environments” in
Imms, W. & Mahat, M. (Eds.). (2019). What are teachers doing (well) when transitioning from traditional classrooms to innovative learning environments? Proceedings of international symposia for graduate and early career researchers in Australasia, Europe and North America.

Byers T, Mahat M, Liu K, Knock A, Imms W, (2018) Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change, eds. A Systematic Review of the Effects of Learning Environments on Student Learning Outcomes. Melbourne: Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change;

Knock, A (2018), Teaching-teams not Teaching-solo: The secret to retaining Gen Y teachers, pages 67-69, CollectivED [3], Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University.

Knock, A (2015) “Personalised Learning at NBCS” Educadores: Revista de renovación pedagógica, ISSN 0013-1113, Nº 256, 2015, págs. 86-89

Knock A, ed. The built environment : creating innovative learning spaces. Christian Teachers Journal. 2012;20(1).

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