anne-knock.jpgConnect with Anne Knock & SCIL

Anne Knock presents, hosts and facilitates conferences and workshops. She mentors and coaches leaders and has written for and contributed to papers and articles.

Contact Anne Knock: visit www.scil.com.au or tweet @anneknock

To visit Northern Beaches Christian School for SCIL PD: scil.com.au

Keynotes, Workshops, MCConference quote


This workshop presents a design thinking approach to addressing the issues facing school leaders today

These professional learning opportunities are participatory, hands on and fun, with input and insights from local and global experiences. Anne draws on her insight into the international educational landscape, including schools, higher education, libraries ad museums.


In these workshops participants consider strategies for problems they are facing, using the approach How Might We:

  • Design spaces that will encourage a vibrant learning community?
  • Change mindsets about teaching and learning in our school?
  • Embed a future-focused culture?


Keynotes, presentations and provocations AISFlagship2015
Anne is available to share insight and provide input on:

  • International educational landscape
  • Future-focused schools
  • Innovative learning
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Strategy for vision
  • Spaces for working and learning
  • Shaping culture



In March 2015, Anne was invited to MC Future Schools, a strategic look at the future of education. Across the two days she worked with conference organisers, keynote speakers and engaged with the audience.

Anne is available as a MC or facilitator for:

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Forums and panels

Coaching and mentoring

From time to time I work with people who are seeking to grow their own capacity. This can involved identifying and growing specific skills, as well as guiding career growth.


2016 presentations:

January: Schools of the Future Panel Member, hosted by Stephen Heppell, BETT, Jan 2016

March: Host/MC at Future Schools – Future Leaders Conference

March: Keynote and MC – New Generation Learning Spaces Conference, IQPC Melbourne

2015 presentations:

March: Host/MC at Future Schools – Future Leaders Conference

March: Two days – Making it Mobile Leadership Workshop: For teams from different schools.

May: Full day workshop for 200 Primary Principals in Christchurch embracing the opportunities of creating collaborative communities.

July: Afternoon session: AISNSW Flagship Leaders Program for emerging leaders in independent schools.

November: Design/Engage Leaders Workshop (2 days)

In the media

screen-shot-2017-02-06-at-8-51-36-amInterview, Australian Teacher Magazine, February 2017

‘Technology in schools should be like electricity – it should go unnoticed’, TES Jan 2016

We need to teach children skills not subjects, Australian Financial Review, June 2015

Lean In Stories, posted on website 20 June, 2013

More the merrier: top results from mega class, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 2013

Smaller class sizes or quality teaching, (video) Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 2013

Learning to move with the times, Sydney Morning Herald Aug 2011

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