Design-your-own Professional Travel

Over the last decade I have organised and lead professional travel experiences. Together, we can design team-based travel to meet your needs and present fresh perspectives.

What’s possible:

  • Change and Innovation in Christchurch
  • School design with a difference
  • What’s happening in Finland?
  • Specialist focus, such as libraries, STEM

Learning organisations value such experiences, strengthening the team by creating shared memories and translating the learning experience into the design or strategy.

I will work with you to design and lead a professional learning experience, whether it is in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, Scandinavia or North America.

Designed professional travel opportunities usually include:

  • Visits to sites – schools, universities, libraries, museums, co-working spaces
  • Session with senior leaders/experts to unpack the vision and strategy
  • Depending on the school, there may be opportunities to speak with students and teachers.
  • Workshops and debrief to identify your core themes and next steps

Together we:

  • Co-create the itinerary
  • Liaising with schools, universities and organisations to arrange visits
  • Organising logistics – including accommodation, site visits, transportation and travel (with professional travel agent)
  • Leading and hosting for the duration of the experience
  • Facilitating workshops to identify themes and next steps

Costs are unique to each experience and I will work with you to see what’s possible:

  • Pre-tour administration and organisation
  • Inclusive per participant rate
  • On-tour host costs
  • Accommodation and transport options
  • Tour host insurance

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