Design-your-own Professional Travel

Your team or organisation can experience travel-based professional learning that is tailored to your needs and your timeframe. Learning organisations value such experiences, strengthening the team by creating shared memories and translating the learning experience into the design or strategy.

Once you have identified the focus, such as the physical design, pedagogy or leadership strategy, I will work with you to design a professional learning experience, whether it is in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, Scandinavia or North America.

Sample itinerary: Destination Christchurch

Focus: Rethinking the use of learning spaces for senior secondary college

Participants: Senior leadership

Team dinner
TuesdayMorning: Workshop
Overview of the local context
What are your challenges and opportunities?
Afternoon: School visit
Wed & Thurs School visits – two each day
Thursday evening – Team Dinner
FridayMorning: Workshop at co-working space
What? So what? What’s next?
Afternoon: Depart for airport

Bespoke professional travel opportunities usually include:

  • Visits to sites – schools, universities, libraries, museums, co-working spaces
  • Session with senior leaders/experts to unpack the vision and strategy
  • Depending on the school, there may be opportunities to speak with students and teachers.
  • Workshops and debrief to identify your core themes and next steps

The services I provide include:

  • Co-creating the itinerary with you
  • Liaising with schools, universities and organisations to arrange visits
  • Organising logistics – including accommodation, site visits, transportation and travel (with professional travel agent)
  • Leading and hosting for the duration of the experience
  • Facilitating workshops to identify themes and next steps

Costs are unique to each experience and I will work with you to see what’s possible. A budget can be developed to include:

  • Pre-tour administration and organisation
  • Inclusive per participant rate
  • On-tour host costs
  • Tour host insurance

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