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It’s a big year…

Will you support and encourage me around a very big goal?

I had already decided that 2020 was going to be a significant year. But who knew what would unfold as the year progressed. The milestone of turning 60 in November was my motivation to make changes in my life, get fit and embrace health as I enter a new decade.

From January, I knew my primary focus for the year was on writing my PhD thesis, and then in February I embarked on the Kim Beach Fit program. With a healthy eating plan I was able to realise my weight loss goal around the first half of the year-long program.

So what’s next? The logical step…

Run 10km, obviously!

As a child I had been fairly athletic (and a bit competitive), so I knew that she was still there, somewhere, so I decided to find her. The exercise/training component of Kim Beach Fit got me running, so I just thought I’d keep going.

Mid-week I complete two training runs and some cross-training. Then on Saturday I push myself. To be honest, I’m not fast, but I’m improving my pace and distance each week. Currently, I am running a steady…


Just 3km to go.

I need your help.

Your support, encouragement and accountability will help me reach my goal. I have set up a fundraising page for Love Mercy Foundation. ‘Cents for Seeds’ program which empowers women to provide support for their families in Northern Uganda.

How can I help?

Sponsor me!

Head to my fundraising page for Love Mercy Foundation. For a $30 donation, a woman is provided with a 30kg loan of seeds, gardening tools, educational workshops, and access to savings groups. This enables them to provide for their families. As I am a women growing a business, I want to support other women doing just the same.

Encourage me!

I will keep you posted with my progress, so follow me on social media and send a message of support.

This is where you can find me…

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Join me!

There will be a celebratory event* one Saturday morning in the second half of November as I reach my goal. (*Keeping it Covid 19 safe).

No gifts for my birthday, please donate to my fundraising page

Contact me

If you would you like to find out about the celebration event when the details are finalised, or even join me on the run, I’d love to hear from you.

Complete the contact form on my homepage.

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