In the Media

In the media

Digitalization and Education – Strategies Worldwide (Part 3) PART 3: IN AUSTRALIA
March, 2017: Digital Education Forum, Germany (Google Translate required)

Students are allowed to learn wherever they want, whether inside or outside. Flexible seating outside the school building allows for free learning and interaction with the environment. “We believe that an innovative learning environment allows new ways of learning – in a form that is not possible in a closed classroom,” says Anne Knock.


Interview, Australian Teacher Magazine, February 2017

Author – “Designing for Change” Learning Spaces Vol 3:2 (Read article: designing-for-change)

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YouTube: Schools of the Future – Breaking with Tradition, Panel particpant, hosted by Stephen Heppell at BETTShow main arena, January 2016

‘Technology in schools should be like electricity – it should go unnoticed’, TES Jan 2016

We need to teach children skills not subjects, Australian Financial Review, June 2015

Lean In Stories, posted on website 20 June, 2013

Smaller class sizes or quality teaching, (video) Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 2013



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