Research and Publications

‘Empowering teaching teams: An essential factor in the success of innovative learning environments’ — What are teachers doing (well) when transitioning from traditional classrooms to innovative learning environments? by Wesley Imms and Marian Mahat (Eds.). Proceedings of international symposia for graduate and early career researchers in Australasia, Europe and North America (2019)

‘A Systematic Review of the Effects of Learning Environments on Student Learning Outcomes’ by Terry Byers, Marian Mahat, Kirra Liu, Anne Knock and Wesley Imms. University of Melbourne, LEaRN (2018)

‘Teaching-teams not Teaching-solo: The secret to retaining Gen Y teachers’ — CollectivEd Working Papers, Carnegie School of Education (2018)

‘The Continental Shift: From Traditional Classrooms of Old to Future Focused Learning Spaces’ — Future-Focused Learning/BFX Furniture (2018)

‘Design for Change: Case Study – Innovation and Research’ — Learning Spaces Magazine Vol 3.2 (2017)

‘The built environment: creating innovative learning spaces’ — Christian Teachers Journal Vol 20.1 (2012)

Speaking Engagements

‘The Beauty of a Complex Future’ — Firestarter talk for Relearn 2020

Features, Interviews and Podcasts

‘The Beauty of a Complex Future: How we can embrace the messiness of change’ — The Art of Teaching Podcast (2021)

‘Anne Knock on Future-Focused Teaching’ — Atomi Podcast (2020)

‘Change and Innovation: Knock on effect of sharing ideas’ — Australian Teacher Magazine (2017)

‘More the merrier: top results from mega class’ — Sydney Morning Herald (2013)