Setting the course and maintaining momentum

Each phase of a project presents an opportunity to co-create the culture and the conditions for authentic learning, and clarify design principles.

Bringing it all together:

Purpose to Practice

Purpose to Practice (P2P)is an immersive workshop that guides participants through the five essential elements for a resilient and enduring initiative.

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Serving your purpose through applying microstructures that seek to:

  • Engage everyone in generating questions, ideas and suggestions
  • Practice deeper listening and empathy with colleagues

The outputs of the P2P workshop include:

  • Clarity of purpose
  • Articulate ‘must dos’ and ‘must not dos’ to achieve purpose
  • Map connections and strengthen networks
  • Bring to light the essential needs across role functions
  • Synthesise ideas into tangible actions

Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Strategy

For your community to:

  • Increase awareness of the future of learning and work and the implications for the experience of school for each stakeholder group.
  • Make a response to the opportunities inherent in the project
  • Provide insight that might further grow the design

Use insights gained to develop the communication strategy.

Ecocycle Planning

Identifying opportunities and obstacles. Guiding the participants through a process to sift, prioritise and plan actions. This workshop is focused on brining all perspectives, to set priorities and develop a portfolio pf strategies.

(c) Liberating Structures

Small Data Audit

Small data finds the humanity, and focuses on details, observations and interactions. Walk around a school or workplace, and small data abounds, in the information displayed on the noticeboards, how people work as a team, and relationships amongst the community. These can form everyday cultural clues that lead to broader trends. Read more here.

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