Design Guidance & Master planning

Challenges & Opportunities

Embarking on school building and design projects requires significant insight and clarity to create a learning environment for tomorrow, not just replicate today. Yet the more I talk to educators and designers, I wonder if they are speaking the same language.

What matters?

  • Being vision-driven – designing beyond what we know school as ‘school’
  • Competencies students might require in the 2030s and how the pedagogy and space responds to this
  • The opportunity that this presents to your community – not settling for an efficiency or one-size model
  • Challenging tightly-held ideas of school and learning

How can I help?
I am a ‘translator’ so that the design & education professionals can begin to speak the same language

  • Enrich the pedagogical understanding and knowledge of ‘how schools work’ for designers
  • Develop spatial literacy capacity of educators and demystify the design process
  • Reach mutually developed ideas between the educators and designers

Working together, how we might…

  • Engage the project team – The successful delivery of your project requires a team who understands your unique context and vision.
  • Develop the educational brief – A detailed report that represents the pedagogical and strategic underpinnings that support the vision and purpose.
  • Support community transformation – From a change management perspective, preparation of staff for transition to new ways of working starts early through needs analysis. This is followed up by careful communication and ongoing coaching.

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