scil on the road

The scil team have just started an adventure, looking at spaces and places where people go to learn, choose to learn and make choices about their learning. The big question is ‘how do we create spaces where everyone, students, staff and visitors want to come and want to learn?’ because quality design directly affects the way we work, play and learn.

We recently hosted Jens Guldbaek, from the Danish firm LOOP. Jens described his signature spaces for learning, that have soft and hard furnishings, kitchen areas and rugs. The photos showed children engaged in a variety of different activities. A few days later, I was talking with my Korean hairdresser and asked her about her school experience “it was like a prison”, she replied.

So where would you rather learn? Quality design directly impacts the quality of how we live, work and learn.

So our observations began as we entered Goteborg Airport. Amidst the minimalist design of the airport arrivals and baggage conveyor belt there was a park bench on a patch green. Just an oasis amongst the business. The ‘park’ was a project of a design student from Goteborg University and the sign reads:

Sit in the Park
Have a seat here in the park, feel the grass under your feet and relax. Nature has entered the airport, bringing west Sweden greenery into the terminal. The grass let’s you use more of your senses while you are at Goteborg Landvetter Airport.

A nice touch!

2 thoughts on “scil on the road

  1. Hello Anne ! You are so near ! Gothemburg and Finland Pori are very near!
    I do hope you enjoy your journey!
    Pirjo and Reijo are tomorrow in Auckland and quite soon you’öö see eachother too. The globe is so small nowadays.
    Next week I’m having one week holiday from work. Just relaxing with my family: small Oiva especially the som of Jussi! He is super-sweet- small- baby-boy!
    Have a nice weeked!


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