How do I not just eat everything in sight? Even the pickled herrings

One of the great joys of travel is the opportunity to eat, don’t you agree? We’ve stayed in three hotels so far. Two in Denmark and one in Sweden. At breakfast I want to sample just about everything on offer. The array of cheeses, cold meats and breads, there are little sausages, fried potatoes, the whitest shelled boiled eggs you have ever seen and, of course, pickled herrings.

I don’t.

But I do try to enjoy a range of things in small amounts, for scientific purposes, of course. And that includes pickled herrings.

On Sunday, we had a day ‘at leisure’. The group of seven went off in different directions across the city. There was lots to see. A couple of the guys hired bikes and saw the sights the Danish way, others walked to key points like the royal palace and the site of the Little Mermaid (I say sight, as she is on holiday to the world expo in Shanghai). But Jen and I*, the females in the group headed, to Magasin, the only department store in Copenhagen open on a Sunday.

We shopped then stopped for a coffee and hot chocolate in the lower ground food area. While we didn’t eat anything, we did observe the smoked salmon salad of the girls sitting opposite. Then wandered (observing only) the array of cakes, pastries and meats that were available. After a little more shopping we headed to the fifth floor for lunch. In Denmark there are sorrebrod (sorry about the spelling) open sandwiches topped in such an inviting way with different meats as a base – roast beef, prawns, schnitzel, then topped with several other layers*. We just chose one, accompanied by a plate if the best frites (chips) I’ve had in a long time. Then a glass of rose’ and a view over the streets of Copenhagen to enjoy*.

I enjoy the feast to the eyes that food provides. It isn’t possible to eat it all, so I enjoy the opportunity to look at food when I travel. Visiting supermarkets in Europe is as much fun for me as the other sights. I have a strong smell memory of French supermarkets, probably coming from the largest range of cheeses I have ever seen.

Today we head to Paris, not a lot of time there, so I will soak up what I can.

You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned coffee. I think the sophistication of the Australian coffee palate is second only to Italy. So I am mostly drinking coffee for medicinal purposes at breakfast. The coffees here and in the UK are fairly milky. I have the Beanhunter App that rates cafes around the world, so hopefully I can soon find a good coffee.

Now, if I can only create an app that combines Beanhunter with the free wi fi app, I can write to you while drinking good coffee. The quest begins.

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