Creating an [online] impression… its not all bad!

This blog is fun to write, as it gives me an outlet for my thoughts and ideas and I’m very grateful that you take the time to read it. I do get excited when I look at the stats.  In December I had my most views to the blog in one day (30th) at 25 and 141 for the month. Now I know this is an amoeba compared to the Huffington Post which has 28,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors*.

Interestingly, the hits outside the day of the posting usually come from searches that led people to, these have included:

great change in emotions

factory work in 1900s Australia

1950’s office layout with workers

women going to work in the 1900

These people gained a first impression from something that I wrote weeks or months ago without ever having met me in person. The online potential of the first impression is out of control.  Many cautionary tales been written about this, but there is also much to be gained from creating the right online impression.

In the SMH | My Career section in yesterday’s edition there was a great article called ‘Mind your manners’ by Kim Kind.  She writes that when social media is used in the right way it can help candidates stand out from the crowd. Here are a few points from the article:

  • A student liked to Tweet about her studies. When she was employed as a graduate in a consulting firm, she continued to be active on Twitter and to promote her new organisation. Her ability to promote the firm and how great it was to work there had given her an excellent profile at the highest level of management.
  • If you are able to write with authority and intelligence about a topic connected to your profession, tweeting or blogging can attract attention and help build a network**
  • Discussing a blog you’ve been writing can make a positive impression in an interview and position you as someone proactive
  • Joining groups in your field of interest on social networking can also help build your profile
  • Google the names of high-profile people in your industry to see if they are on Twitter or LinkdIn, join the same groups as them. It’s really about getting to know where the people are that you want to work with and joining in their conversations**

A word of caution: You wouldn’t risk your professional brand by being inauthentic across a table from a potential employer – why would you do it online?

Start writing, start blogging, actively Tweet, join a professional network and connect…and be authentic. You will learn so much and never know who you might meet or where the adventure may take you.

*According to the eBizMBA Rank – Top 15 Most Popular Blogs, Jan 2011

** Anne Bartlett-Bragg,  Managing Director, Headshift. Quoted in ‘Mind your Manners’ by Kim Kind


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