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Design for the Long Haul – Workshop Modules

This suite of modules is aimed at equipping and supporting teachers to plan and implement future-focused approaches to learning and organising the learning environment. The modules are interactive and hands-on, employing professional learning principles which correlate with effective student learning: collaborative, inquiry-focused and addressing authentic professional problem.

Participant profile: Education leaders currently working in an innovative learning environment and seeking to lead their team through change. It is also relevant for those seeking to grow their leadership capacity in a co-teaching team.

The workshop is available for the leadership team or a teaching team.

Duration: Each module is two hours. Scheduling can be negotiated.

Module 1: Introduction

Participants will be introduced to the School Climate Model, a framework of elements that together shape the learning environment.

Learn about facilitating change as they work with colleagues through learning about:

  • Growing collaboration
  • Collective teacher efficacy

You will be encouraged to consider reframing teacher as designer.

You will active learning practices that can be used as to grow collaboration with your team.

Module 2: People

Part 1: Learners

Participants will learn about aspects of student dynamics that impact success.

You will apply tools that will enable an empathic focus as you shape the learning and teaching culture in the learning environment.

Part 2: Educators

Participants will articulate the desired behaviours, attitudes and patterns of thought that they seek to develop when working with their colleagues.

You will apply empathy mapping tools to use with colleagues to determine aspirational teacher characteristics in the learning environment.

Module 3: Organisation

Participants will identify organisational priorities to focus on when they work with their teams in the learning environment. This session supports the idea that teaching is a team, rather than solo, activity.

You will learn and apply design thinking approaches, as a collaborative tool, to facilitate fresh thinking as teams as they work together, enabling each person to have a voice.

You will apply a problem prioritisation tool to ascertain how to best address the issues faced when working with colleagues, to address a real organisational priority with your team. This can relate to areas such as:

  • Curriculum
  • Scheduling and timetable
  • Routines and policy

Module 4: The Physical Environment

Particpants will learn about the research-informed characteristics, affordances and opportunities of the innovative co-teaching learning environment. Case studies that support the characteristics discussed.

You will co-create a design brief to articulate the key elements of the learning environment that need to be included in the design.

You will design and make a learning environment prototype that meets to design brief.

Coaching for Team Leaders

Team leaders are critical to the ongoing success of maintaining the vision and growing teacher capacity. They are the linchpin, the conduit of information flow. Developing capacity at the middle-leader level is critical to embed the culture and support transformation.

Ongoing coaching to further embed the principles is available.

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