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IMG_5006I have had the amazing opportunity to travel and meet wonderful people and see places of work, learning and community development. Each year in October I co-host a study tour for educational leaders.

The SCIL Vision Tour has been an exceptional professional learning experience since 2011:

Truly this was one of the most enjoyable both professionally and personal opportunities I have ever had! (2015 participant)

This is professional learning you can’t get from conferences and seminars. (2012 participant)

SchoolI can also arrange inbound tours to schools in Australia and New Zealand. In 2015 I designed a tour of schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland for US and Canadian school leaders. This also included a day at my own school, Northern Beaches Christian School.

In January 2016 I have partnered with Learning Environments Australasia/CEFPI to host a tour to Scandinavia and Europe with an architectural focus.

Where can we take you?IMG_4913

  • To meet outstanding leaders and change agents in learning and education
  • See schools that are rethinking and reinventing education
  • Visit schools, libraries, universities and museums that are engaging and innovative spaces

So why did you decide to come?What will happen?

You will be challenged, engaged, inspired and excited to become a change agent in your own context. You will spend time with like-minded leaders and value the opporutnities to grapple with ideas and develop strategies.

If you are interested in joining a tour or visiting Australia and New Zealand get in touch:

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