Culture Learning Design Tour 2019

Sneak Peak #1 Slide1.pngSchool21

This school has been on the radar for a long time, and finally, we are getting there!

School21 is a pioneering free school for 4-18 in East London for children from all backgrounds. The school works with a series of pedagogies and approaches that give students the chance to:

Find their voice

Develop deep knowledge and understanding,

Create beautiful work that has real value beyond the classroom.

And when they say ‘voice’, they actually mean ‘voice’. Oracy is a moral cause at School21 as lack of eloquence is considered one of the biggest barriers to young people succeeding.

“Employers put good oral communication at the top of their requirements for employees. Yet we rarely teach it systematically in schools”.

On CLD Tour 2019 we are booked into a full morning session, with a deep dive into approaches to understand what makes School21 tick!

Would you like to join us, or just find out more?

Complete the Expression on Interest form here and I’ll keep you in the loop!

In search of small data: Capturing clues that uncover big ideas.

29 Sept – 11 October

Finland – Denmark – Spain – UK

Culture: How does the cultural climate of a country influence schools and learning? What can we learn from this perspective

Learning: How is the school’s learning philosophy evident in the everyday life of the school? 

Design: How does the design of the school reflect the aspirations for the learners? What do you notice about effective design?


Why small data?

We exist in a big data world, data mining in education interprets large amounts of big fat noisy information that looks for correlations to shape policy and decisions. But what about small data?

In his 2018 book FinnishEd Leadership, Pasi Sahlberg encourages educational leaders and thinkers to take time to consider ‘small data’. He argues that big data algorithms can only show correlation, which is in itself important, but not causation. This is where small data matters, instead of being only governed by numbers from surveys, inspections and other measurement tools, small data provides insight into the invisible fabric of schools.

The Culture Learning Design Tour 2019 affords the unique opportunity to step outside your known environment and notice small data, with fresh eyes. Your insights will help to form strategy and innovation in your own setting.


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CLD Tour Information

Participants: 10 places available
Participants represent leaders in education, learning space design and businesses that provide services to education sectors.

Registration opens March 2019. Once registration is received: $500 deposit is required to secure place on the tour. You will receive an invoice by email.

What else do you need to know?

The tour will start and end in UK/Europe. Participants will make their own arrangements to the starting city (TBC). At the conclusion in Copenhagen, participants arrange own transport home.


  • 12 nights accommodation with breakfast in quality accommodation
    (from arrival on 29 September to conclusion on 11 October, 2019)
  • Site visits and daily transport
  • Flights and transport during the tour between 29 September and 11 October, 2019
  • Some meals are included and these will be specified in the itinerary

Please note: On this professional tour it is envisaged that there will be walking between visit sites in some locations. We may also need to take a short walk with luggage to a train station. And on school visits there is a lot of walking, often up and down stairs. Lifts are usually available for particular needs.

Please arrange your own comprehensive travel insurance.


Your Hosts: Anne & Mie

AKSince 2011 I have been organising  SCIL Vision Tours (SVT) to Europe and the UK. As you can see from the sample of testimonials below these have been rich and rewarding professional development experiences for those who have participated. In that time I have organised and hosted or co-hosted 10 tours, taking more than 70 professionals, mostly educational leaders and architects on this unique adventure.

I work alongside a corporate travel agent who specialises in small group travel and provides a personal service that attends to the group needs.



What’s Next?

Apply for a place on the tour or send an expression of interest

To participate in this unique learning experience, please outline how it  will make a difference to your professional practice and what you hope to achieve from the tour relevant to your particular context.

Please complete the EOI form




I can’t speak highly enough about Anne Knock and the fabulous Vision Tour she created for our group, I can easily recommend and encourage others to experience this opportunity with Anne, she has done the hard work and has a solid track record that you can really have confidence in.  Not only is it beautifully orchestrated, it is informed, intelligent and simply remarkable – I loved it!
(Suzanne Simmons-Kopa, Principal, 2017 SVT participant)

What an amazing experience! 13 days, 5 countries, 8 cities, 14 schools, with 14 people from 8 schools… So now what? I’ve rediscovered the enthusiasm I had as a young teacher, but with the experience of many years in the game. I no longer accept ‘chalk and talk’ teaching and learning from my students or myself. I am more engaged with the learning that my (senior high school) students are participating in. And I’ve learnt to trust them, because if I create a positive learning environment I know they will be engaged and willing. (2017 SVT participant)

Travelling with a group of educators who have a similar vision to teaching and learning for our students was a highlight. Being able to network and discuss what we each do professionally was affirming and allowed me to share my school’s journey and ‘borrow’ some ideas from my peers in diverse, yet similar, environments.
(2017 SVT participant)

I’d also like to pass on my sincere thanks re your organisation and leadership of the trip. It was all that was promised and so much more and is a trip I would highly recommend! We were challenged and inspired by all that we saw and also through interaction with the rest of the team. (2016 SVT participant)

Truly this was one of the most enjoyable both professionally and personal opportunities I have ever had! (2015SVT participant)

This is professional learning you can’t get from conferences and seminars.
(2012 SVT participant)

Fine Print and Refund policy

The tour will be confirmed when the minimum number of participants (7) is met.

Before 15 June 2019: Payments/Deposit received by this date will be refunded should the tour not go ahead.
15 June – 31 July 2019 – Refunds will be calculated accordingly:

  • Less bookings already made on behalf of the participant
  • Less 20% of full registration to cover administration costs

31 July – 31 August, 2019 – Refunds will be calculated accordingly:

  • Less bookings already made on behalf of the participant
  • Less 50% of full registration to cover administration costs

After 31 August, 2019 – No refund is possible


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