‘What ifs’ from the SCIL Study Tour? #SCIL11 – Part 2 | Libraries in Delft

The SCIL Study Tour thought about libraries, their role and providing a place for connection.

What if a library had a large book collection and significant spaces for people?


The both/and library at TU Delft.

The TU Delft Library Learning Centre has generosity of space. The wall of books are visually front and centre as you walk into the space, yet the volume of books on three levels doesn’t compromise space and work areas.

This library has something for everyone:

Easily accessible wifi

Ssshhh – quiet work area

Collaborative tables and spaces

Great furniture

Inspiring spaces



What if a library was first and foremost about what their community needs?

DOK: Library Concept Centre is seeking to the community heart and voice of Delft.

What does our community need?

What has this meant for DOK?

1. Being the place where people come and want to stay
2. Art depository – lending art to the local community and featuring local artists in exhibitions
3. Workshops and information on a range of areas the community wants
4. Providing a range of book and multimedia resources
5. A place for local performances
6. Be a place of fun and recreation
7. Become the go-to place for community information

DOK is realistic about the future of books and the place of the library in the community. They are facing challenges that the digital age present and reinventing. Local relevance is the most significant difference.

As they say at DOK: Let Google do global, and we’ll do local.


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