Designing for Purpose: Clarity around the ‘WHY’ with serious fun!

Like me, you have probably been in workshops and think-tank sessions designed to bring fresh ideas to the surface. Yet, the same-old processes are used and the same-old people take the floor and the same-old solutions are implemented. Senge calls this the problem-fix loop and to uncover fresh ideas this cycle requires deliberate disruption. HowContinue reading “Designing for Purpose: Clarity around the ‘WHY’ with serious fun!”

Destination Christchurch 2019: What I learnt about learning?

It’s the learners who matter, not the curriculum, not the teacher, not the timetable, the learners. This past week Christchurch-based colleague, Cheryl Doig and I facilitated a week of professional learning for Sydney-based school leaders. Sharing my reflections here: We visited school working within the NZ system and simultaneously stretching boundaries of ‘what’s possible’. TheseContinue reading “Destination Christchurch 2019: What I learnt about learning?”

Destination Christchurch NZ: An immersive professional learning experience.

Disruption has characterised this city. In February 2011, the land was disrupted by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, causing significant loss of life and severe damage. Then in March 2019, there was ‘human’ disruption, with significant loss of life once again. I see a great sense of community and optimism in the people of Christchurch, whereContinue reading “Destination Christchurch NZ: An immersive professional learning experience.”

Building Community Capacity for Transformational Change

A conference speaker asked the audience, ‘Who thinks the world is changing at a rate so fast it’s hard to keep up?’ Of course, many hands went up. To which he responded, “You know, it’s never going to be this slow again!”. Too often, in my experience, the so-called ‘change management’ process associated with aContinue reading “Building Community Capacity for Transformational Change”

How might we co-design the learning ecosystem?

Perhaps the construction is close to completion for the new learning space. I’m sure you are keen to embrace diverse pedagogical approaches, develop collaborative teaching teams and create learning strategies to empower self-directed learners. That bright-shiny new space may have been designed to support future-focused, inquiry-based and learner-centred pedagogies, however, over time it can justContinue reading “How might we co-design the learning ecosystem?”

Future of Learning: Empowering small ‘d’ designers

Why design matters “I believe it’s one of the most positive tools at our disposal to improve our quality of life”. Alice Rawsthorn, TED2016     The principles of design can be translated into everyday situations to make the world a better place. In her book, Design is an Attitude, Rawsthorn writes, “Whenever human beingsContinue reading “Future of Learning: Empowering small ‘d’ designers”

Future of learning (is design): Empathy mapping to target engagement

Learning design is a process of rethinking the experience of school that supports a zero-based strategy, rather than tinkering with the edges of the status quo. It is a shift from teacher-directed ‘delivery’ of curriculum, to learner-centred approaches. If we are genuinely seeking to engage the disengaged, then we need to focus in empathy –Continue reading “Future of learning (is design): Empathy mapping to target engagement”

The Future of Learning: Leaders with a design mindset

When we talk about the ‘Future of…’ anything it is a defiant moment because we are challenging where we are right now (and have been). People are generally comfortable with the status quo, but as leaders, we know that we can’t settle. We live in an era of disruption, which is code for ‘change onContinue reading “The Future of Learning: Leaders with a design mindset”

Learning Design: Creating the ‘need to know’

Over the last few months  I have appreciated working with future-focused educators and school designers in Australia and Asia exploring ideas around designing learning and learning environments that support engagement. The essence of the keynotes and workshops I have presented is the future of learning, I see this as the pointy end of human growth.Continue reading “Learning Design: Creating the ‘need to know’”

Teacher Agency: My journey from trained ‘technician’ to professional ‘designer’

Reading, reading, reading… this is the consuming pre-occupation of the PhD candidate. It consists of strategic choices, then inadvertently (or deliberately) taking rabbit holes that leads you away, before burrowing back on track again. One of these was the OECD project Future of Education and Skills 2030 that appeared in my Twitter feed. A suite ofContinue reading “Teacher Agency: My journey from trained ‘technician’ to professional ‘designer’”