Disruption or Irrelevancy: The tale of 2 industries – Newspapers & Education #timetoact

There were two main stories being discussed on the radio this morning, as I was getting ready for work.

One dealt with a shake up in the print media, because technology and digital media has disrupted the industry and the other, a lack of shake up in education that has resulted in sustaining the old practices and a fear of disruption and not attracting the high calibre students to teaching.

The comments made about the print media could or should equally refer to what needs to happen in education:

“an unprecedented shake up”

“media in turmoil”

“ the biggest surprise for us was that we didn’t realise how much the old shape put us off”

“this is the biggest change in history”

During the same radio program the announcers talked with the Minister for Education for my state. He is calling for better preparation for teachers, and attracting the best and the brightest.

But this is unlikely to happen until there is “an unprecedented shake up” in education. As a wise person once said: “you can’t put new wine in old wineskins”.

We all could see that print media was heading for this. Only last week the same announcers were discussing the lack of newspaper around the home for lining the budgie cage or using as compost in the garden. Newspapers as we have known them are not sustainable and the model needs disrupting – the vehicle of delivery must change.

The model of delivery of education is not sustainable for this generation and needs disrupting. Education is too vital to leave alone, and we have no option but to change the ‘vehicle’ of delivery. On the radio the minister talked about a teacher “sitting in the classroom with 30 kids” – that is the default-setting that defines schools in the mind of the people, it’s the old vehicle.

To see the biggest change in the history of education we need to be realistic about the world around us and radically change the vehicle we use to carry education. The media company in question was criticised by not recognising the digital era and impact of technology sooner, and perhaps its too late to save the company.

This shouldn’t be a debate about funding models. It should be what’s best for our kids and work out the way that best supports what they need.

Lets trade-in the old model and update to one that will take us where we need to go.

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