Why travel? It continually changes me #VisionTour13

I am in the final month of preparation for SCIL Vision Tour 2013. As the Northern Hemisphere heads back to work after the summer, I start to make the final confirmations with my contacts across the seas. It’s close.

VisionThe tour is called ‘Vision’ for a good reason. It’s only when we can look at a far horizon that we can see what’s ahead. We can’t envision from the everyday, the detailed view, when we are in the thick of it, but from taking some time to see the big picture. Each year as we host these tours we are in the company of a great group of educators and administrators who are keen to learn more and see what elements can be integrated into their contexts.

There are elements of travel that aren’t much fun… queues, checks, queues, checks, and that last couple of hours of a long haul flight. But I once I’ve arrived and face a new day in a new city, the irritations fall away and I am excited. 2013-05-04 16.22.05

What do I love?

Negotiating my way around a city, learning from the locals, not expecting my life. I am a people-watcher. I try to get the zeitgeist, the feel. I don’t want to be a tourist who stands out like a sore thumb, but the traveller who is shaped by the journey.

Cheese shopFood, of course. I usually avoid the places on the tourist strips and fossick in the back alleys to find where the locals congregate. Then I ask stupid questions, “What are they eating?”, pointing to a nearby table.

CoffeeFinding the great coffee. I have been relatively successful in hunting out the cool places in a city. It’s my travel-hobby – see the Coffee pages. 
Caga Tio

The quirky local traditions that make no sense to people from other place. Like Caga Tio, Barcelona’s Christmas log that excretes treats for children.

But most importantly, it’s the learning, about the world and ultimately about myself.

  • The world – Culture is shaped over time and experiences. History, ancient and modern, have an ongoing impact on today. When we open our eyes we catch the unexpected.

  • Myself – Overcoming challenges, problem solving – I’ve had my assumptions questioned and my worldview confronted.

Vision Tours focus on shaping vision. We experience schools, museums, libraries and places for work and learning. Each year the tour introduces some different elements, as we come across new examples of rethinking learning and spaces, and great new personalities.

Do you want to come in 2014?



2 thoughts on “Why travel? It continually changes me #VisionTour13

  1. A great Article Anne and I very much identify with your sentiments. I recall similar notions from a book by Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel. Needless to say, I’d love to attend the tour in 2014 if I can align some things here at home. I’ll follow your progress with interest.


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