How might we provide the optimal environment for learners to flourish in STEM?

Short read: The headlines In January 2020, I am leading a professional study tour with a STEM focus, visiting schools, universities and science centres in Scandinavia, Europe and the UK. Across the world, innovation hubs, maker spaces and STEM centres are developed to inspire young (and old) scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.  Where do you find the […]

Destination Christchurch NZ: An immersive professional learning experience.

Disruption has characterised this city. In February 2011, the land was disrupted by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, causing significant loss of life and severe damage. Then in March 2019, there was ‘human’ disruption, with significant loss of life once again. I see a great sense of community and optimism in the people of Christchurch, where […]

CLD Tour 2018: Wish you were here!

CLD: Culture – Learning – Design These three words were the compass guiding this uniquely rich professional learning experience Culture: How might we challenge our own paradigm regarding the people, the content and the  context of learning? Learning: How might the experience of school be enhanced and deepened through learner-centred practices? Design: How might we […]

What happens when 16 architects & educators travel together in the wintry north? Part 2

  We spent five nights based in Copenhagen, including a weekend, which enabled the group to explore city and visited Hellerup Skole and Orestad Gymnasium (Senior High School) both are considered inspirational designs. We were grateful that the principal of Orestad took time to talk about the vision – “the open plan office as a school”. At […]

What happens when 16 architects & educators travel together in the wintry north? Part 1

We met for dinner in downtown Helsinki on a Sunday night, our first night. We walked from our hotel through snowy streets to the restaurant, where many of us took the when-in-Rome option and chose reindeer from the menu. It was the first time we’d all been together as a group. By Thursday the group was laughing with […]

Multi-level schools for multi-level living: 7 lessons from great cities around the world (and lots of pics)

Look around at the places where people gather: shopping malls, offices, hotel lobbies, pubs. All these places are seeking to make an environment that make people want to return. At my local mall there are numerous ‘living room’ areas for people to sit, meet and wait. The design of these new communities are multi-level, spacious […]

Why travel? It continually changes me #VisionTour13

I am in the final month of preparation for SCIL Vision Tour 2013. As the Northern Hemisphere heads back to work after the summer, I start to make the final confirmations with my contacts across the seas. It’s close. The tour is called ‘Vision’ for a good reason. It’s only when we can look at […]

Sagrada Familia – breathtaking in its generosity of space and light.

On our first morning in Barcelona we visited Sagrada Familia. I have never been so overwhelmed by a building that truly took my breath away. This church shows how generosity of space and light and attention to detail in design can create a building that I think I would describe as the most captivating space […]