Why travel, why now? 4 reasons to pack your bags #SVT16

Slide1I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel professionally since 2008. With my role at SCIL I have visited Scandinavia, Europe, UK, Singapore, USA, New Zealand and Rwanda. For a few years I worked for a international aid organisation and visited schools and child development projects in Burkina Faso and India.

Sometimes I pinch myself when I think about it. Over the years I’ve probably travelled with nearly 100 people altogether. Passionate educators, administrators, board members and architects, all advocates who want to make a difference in the lives of young people. Giving them a future and a hope through improving the idea of “school”.

Leading professional travel is wonderful on a number of levels. 


  1. The international experience: Seeing life another country helps bring perspective. It seems incredible for Australians that in the snowy winter in Helsinki that primary-aged children play outside at their lunch break.  

2. Our Hosts: I get to introduce my travelling companions to my international friends. Educator-champions in their school and community. Our hosts, whether they are in Reykjavik, Barcelona or Manchester, are passionate about young people and helping them to make the most of every opportunity.Slide3

3. The places: Sometimes amazing design that captivates the imagination, and at other times, quite ordinary spaces that can come to life with enthusiasm and imagination.

4. The fellow travellers: Often the first couple of days people are quiet, either, just getting to know each other, or trying to recover from jet lag. It seems by day three we are the best of friends on a wonderful adventure together. Lasting relationships are made. What is important, is that along the way we wrestle with ideas, share our stories and look for solutions together. Slide4

I am excited to launch the SCIL Vision Tour 2016 this week. As one of our travellers said, “This is learning you cannot get from reading or conferences”.

Will 2016 be your year to take up this opportunity?
Helsinki – Gothenburg – Reykjavik – Amsterdam – Barcelona
9 – 21 October 2016
Visit our website… and pack your bags.








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