Recalibrating the thinking-doing balance – Part 2: Growing a collaborative culture

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I really appreciate it when people take the time to respond to my posts. Here are some responses over the last few days young teachers leaving the profession and the pressures they face.

Adriano: The composition of today’s classroom is dramatically different from 5, 10 years ago….  the necessary shift to soft-skills implementation, entrepreneurial methodology, technology integration, measurement of growth, frequent collaboration with colleagues and the management of personal wellbeing and the holistic wellbeing of the young people in our care. It’s time.

Karen: Teachers are EXHAUSTED!… Time to “recalibrate ” …will provide the time and space for teachers to adapt to and provide answers to this changing and new dynamic.

Helen: …My concern for younger teachers grows exponentially with each passing year. It is so true that the 24/7 ‘availability’ that accompany technology, plus the demands of contemporary expectations that are placed on teachers, run many into the ground…With reports showing that young graduates may leave the education sector within five years, you know something is out of sync. Hattie is correct – without time to think, and live!, teachers might get through ‘teaching’ but learning will be the loser.

Alan: Never has there been a more needed time for work-life-balance for our teachers. It behoves educational leaders to assist their staff, where possible, in helping them to strike some balance amidst the many demands.



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