Designing for Purpose: Clarity around the ‘WHY’ with serious fun!

Like me, you have probably been in workshops and think-tank sessions designed to bring fresh ideas to the surface. Yet, the same-old processes are used and the same-old people take the floor and the same-old solutions are implemented. Senge calls this the problem-fix loop and to uncover fresh ideas this cycle requires deliberate disruption.

How might flatten the strategic process and bring out the gold, especially from the quieter group members?

Earlier this year I participated in a workshop to hone my skills, learning to implement suite of tools called Liberating Structures, developed by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, and facilitated by Keith, in Australia from the USA.

Liberating Structures make it easy to transform how people interact and work together. . . they are designed to include and engage everybody. . . They “liberate”, so to speak, everybody’s contribution to the group’s success.

(Lipmanowicz & McCandless, )

As I facilitate workshops in corporate, social and education sectors, I employ these tools. They are designed to include and unleash everyone, as participants engage in seriously playful curiosity.

For clarity around your ‘why’ one particular workshop, Purpose to Practice, facilitates a process that empowers people to shape core elements:

PurposeWhy is this work important?
What are our core values?
PrinciplesWhat norms must we observe in the pursuit of our purpose and values?
ParticipantsWho must be included to achieve this?
What do they need to succeed?
StructureHow will we organise to support agency and encourage active participation?
PracticesWhat are we actually going to do?

There is a lot of hard work and serious fun as team members grapple with what matters to them and to the big picture. Curiosity is amplified by the unfolding visual representation, a tangible artefact that I create as part of the workshop, becoming reminder of why they do what they do and where to from here.

Do you need clarity?
Do you need a way to unleash all voices?
Are you stuck in the problem-fix loop?

I can help you.


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