A threshold moment: Stepping into the 2020s purposefully

A threshold moment presents an opportunity to rethink, refresh and renew. At this time of the year we are encouraged to proclaim our new year’s resolutions. Get fit, lose weight. But the ‘stickiness’ of our proclamation is dependent on how deep we go in thinking about our future. 

Is there a deeper purpose connected to get fit, lose weight that might actually drive us to get on with it? The critical junctures might be:

  • Do I exercise this morning?
  • Will I have that extra glass of wine?
  • But I love big, fat hot chips! 

But what if get fit, lose weight was more deeply connected to purpose? 

An opportunity to reframe the next 10 years

To be honest, we (significant other and myself) have not been as deliberate about this in the past. We want to make this decade count. If we only jot down a few ideas at 11pm on 31 December, they are not likely to resonate deeply and change thinking and behaviour.

Our process: Stepping into the 2020s purposefully

For the past week, we have been working through a process, starting broad, then narrowing our focus. 

1. Our guiding concept – #newwinenewwineskins
Some people embrace a word for the year, I prefer a guiding concept.

This comes from the teaching of Jesus, a metaphor for change – new wine needs new wineskins. If the winemaker puts new wine into an old wineskin, there is no potential to expand as the wine matures – “the new wine is always poured into a new wineskin so that both are preserved”. Our pastor encouraged us with these words. She saw potential we didn’t necessarily see in ourselves.

Who’s your person?

2. Our ‘gift’, another’s ‘need’
What do we bring that is uniquely our gift to humanity? How can this help others?

We have decided to keep our eyes open and our ears listening. Then to be ‘open-handed’, look to the interests of others. Our gift is our skill, our expertise, our time or our encouragement. 

3. Looking back over 2010 – 2019

Before we look forward, we need to look back. What have been the defining moments of the last decade?

This was both a joyous and painful exercise. Becoming grandparents was THE most joyous. There were many things to celebrate. Then we considered the consequences of decisions we had made that didn’t turn out as we hoped. We wanted to be authentic.

4. Leaving behind the old wineskin – defining the new ones

After looking back we asked the question: What are the old wineskins (habits of thought and behaviour) we will leave behind?

Looking forward: What will be the habits of thought and behaviour we will take with us?

From the looking back exercise, we identified four old ‘wineskins’ that we have chosen not to take forward and redefined each of these for the new decade. This is now our compass.

5. Imagining 2020 – 2030 decade: It’s going to be amazing

In ten years time, as we looked back over the decade, what will we say about it?

From a practical perspective, we have translated the new habits of thought and behaviour (our new wineskins) into proclamations – things we want to see happen. We need to make this decade count. I am stepping into the next ‘zero’ birthday in 2020. That is daunting. Seatbelts on!

6. 2020: A new normal – Starting as we mean to go on

What are the decisions we will make, the opportunities to take and the things we will forsake to transition into our future?

We are now branding the new year as the foundation of our ‘new normal’. So far we have:

✓ Articulated our guiding concept 

✓ Identified those behaviours and mindsets that have been hindrances to progress and purposefully reframed them

✓ Defined priorities for the new decade

Now we are turning our attention to the year ahead. Making it count for the new normal. We are identifying specific goals, mindsets and milestones we hope to see as the year progresses.

As a teacher at heart, I love to see people grow, to make progress in their lives. That’s why I’m sharing this. I hope you have an amazing new year and new decade. 

If you would like to create your ‘new normal’ download the one-pager to get your started.



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