Change is in the wind, it’s time to unfurl the spinnaker and set the course in a new direction… I have some news.

One of my favourite things is to watch the yachts on Sydney Harbour, small and large, dashing and gliding. While I prefer to have my feet firmly planted on terra firma I am captivated by these vessels. I remember one Boxing Day at Nielsen Park on the harbour foreshore, braving the crowds at the start […]

Lasting leadership requires finding my authentic self… How did I start?

Leadership is like the metaphorical iceberg. What we actually see in a successful leader is only a fifth of what it really takes. The real work of being a leader occurs in the four fifths below the surface, internal work. Authenticity is essential for the long haul. In the last few months I started running, […]

A community of peace: It depends on me #Ichoosepeace

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t see peace shattered, either on a global level or a local level. Why do we pursue peace? What is the point of upholding peace as a virtue? At this time of the year the word ‘Peace’ has front of stage. It’s on Christmas cards, street signs and […]

I am an ocean swimmer: 6 key things I learnt about myself along the way

I am an ocean swimmer. When I started on this journey about three months ago I faced a couple of mountains – raising $1250 for cancer research and swimming 1km in the North Bondi Classic. The first mountain was quickly climbed, through the generosity of many, together we raised more than $1700. The second mountain […]

Oh comfort zone, where art thou? New depths of perseverance and resilience

I’m sharing my journey of training for the swim in January. I do this to process my thoughts, keep myself accountable and hopefully help someone else along the way. This week reached a new level of challenge in my “challenge-persevere-complete” journey. It’s not easy. I had anticipated that, but when you are in the midst, […]

Perseverance overcomes delay, discouragement and difficulty

As an adult, sustaining a state of fitness has always been a struggle for me. I’m good in spurts of enthusiasm for different attempts, but maintaining for the long haul often eludes me. That is why a goal is good. Sometimes, when we remember our passions and skills we possessed as a child, it is […]

Generosity acts “Now, where’s my credit card?”

My first lesson: Generosity acts. I have been inspired by  family and friends who, after receiving my email, immediately donated to my adventure. Within a couple of days of sending and email and getting the word out the target was reached. My wider community saw an opportunity to help and took action. On the other […]

Facing the challenge: My own cancer story

(Read my first e-news here) I had started to come around. I was initially confused by the unfamiliar surroundings, the lights, sounds and movement. In the distance I could hear some faint voices singing ‘happy birthday’. Then I realised where I was, it was intensive care, I had come through 10 hours of surgery, one of […]

What the heck have I done? #ChallengePersevereComplete #strokebystroke

I was sitting in a conference last Friday. She was the last speaker of the day. The event was the Australian Communities Forum and Annie Crawford from ‘Can Too’ was the final speaker. She was talking about building community through a grassroots movement. Can Too is a charity that prepares people for endurance events, through providing […]