Shaking your mental kaleidoscope: Learning from far-afield

In her book, Think Outside the Building: How advanced leaders can change the world one smart innovation at a time, Elizabeth Moss Kanter (EMK), explains that advanced leaders start from the premise that there are many solutions to a problem and that by changing the angle on the kaleidoscope new possibilities emerge. EMK encourages advanced leaders to travel ‘far-afield’, she writes,

Each year at this time, I’m planning the Culture Learning Design tour for October. I’ve been getting on with it, contacting my network of colleagues around the globe, lining up places to visit and people to meet. I know that each year there are people who have been planning to come along. But this year, the landscape has changed. As I write this in March 2020, the outlook is uncertain, regarding international travel.

Rethinking the Itinerary

With this in mind I have thought afresh about the itinerary. Inspired by small nations – Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland and Scotland – each of these are making their mark on the world, transforming education and learning spaces. Each of these countries are also somewhat lower traffic areas for tourists. More importantly, they have something to offer as we apply kaleidoscope thinking to the challenges we face:

Why do Finland, Denmark, Iceland consistently appear in the list of the Top 5 happiest nations in the world ?

Why is Estonia creeping up the ranks in Maths, Reading and Science? What is the national commitment to lifelong learning?

What can we learn from local experts?

What’s happening with ‘Future Schools Scotland’ to reinvent learning?


Expression of Interest: March-June: From now to 30 June, I will be encouraging expressions of interest.

Registration July-August: I have shifted the registration dates. This year, I am holding-off confirming the tour until July-August, as I am sure by that time, we will have a clearer picture of the implications for travel.

What If…? I will be ready for 2021.

For more information head over to Culture Learning Design Tour 2020


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