The handshake: Getting it ‘just right’

This is one of those important practicalities of leadership - the handshake. With an election looming here in Australia, many can remember that pivotal moment of the 2004 election. The Labor leader Mark Latham's handshake almost wrestled the then PM John Howard as they passed in a corridor between radio interviews, pulling him close and staring him [...]

Are we doing the best for our students?

What are the critical skills for employability? For these workers the general preparation for work was basic knowledge: Technical skills Scientific skill Reading Writing Arithmetic What are the crucial skills needed in this workplace? Applied skills... Global literacy | Digital Literacy Culturally sensitive | Languages Creativity | Innovation Flexibility | Agility | Nimbleness People skills [...]

A new vision for schools in Australia…Are you up for it?

Vision – an overused and perhaps under-delivered concept. It is the picture of a preferred future. What would a vision of a preferred future look like for schools in Australia? A place where students want to learn and they do A generation who are lifelong learners A curriculum that engages and inspires A place where [...]