How do I not just eat everything in sight? Even the pickled herrings

One of the great joys of travel is the opportunity to eat, don't you agree? We've stayed in three hotels so far. Two in Denmark and one in Sweden. At breakfast I want to sample just about everything on offer. The array of cheeses, cold meats and breads, there are little sausages, fried potatoes, the [...]

scil on the road – Danfoss Universe, Nordborg, Denmark

Danfoss Universe in Nordborg, Denmark is a so-called theme park. I don't think that there is another translation that suits, it is definitely not a theme park in the way many of us consider the term. If you come here to be entertained you will be disappointed, but if you want to explore, experiment and [...]

“Minister for Learning”… now how would that change the focus of education in our nation?

In Australia we are in an interesting political environment. When the government was finally decided and the portfolios handed out many of us in education were bemused by the decision to appoint the "Minister for Schools, Early Childhood and Youth" - prior to the swearing in of the minister this was hastily changed to  include "education" - [...]

Lesson in Vision #2: “Oh, the vision-thing”

"Oh the vision-thing" This response was from George Bush Snr when it was suggested he needed a less short-term political approach to his tenure as President. A great vision stirs my emotion, compels me to act and keeps me going. A great vision inspires innovation and creativity, it makes me try new things, take risks and dream big. I [...]

The handshake: Getting it ‘just right’

This is one of those important practicalities of leadership - the handshake. With an election looming here in Australia, many can remember that pivotal moment of the 2004 election. The Labor leader Mark Latham's handshake almost wrestled the then PM John Howard as they passed in a corridor between radio interviews, pulling him close and staring him [...]