6 ways to ensure that the world outside the school gate is relevant to the world inside the school gate

The school gate is more than a physical barrier between the outside school world and the inside school world.  It also represents a cultural barrier where many students walk out of their real world
and into the world of school.

How do we ensure a seamless transition, where the world inside the school gate better reflects the world outside?

Inside the school gate we often say, Learn our way

Outside the school gate young people are empowered to Learn your way

Learn our way is:

  • Technology is corralled to particular zones for particular purposes
  • Curriculum compliance determines what is taught
  • Tertiary entry scores limits the subjects chosen to study
  • Young people sit at desks facing the front
  • Timetables direct when learning occurs
  • Teachers hold all knowledge
  • Skills are taught just in case
  • An individual student’s knowledge
    is assessed in isolation


Learn your way is:


  • Personal technology with ubiquitous connection
  • Young people are able to pursue their own ideas
  • Entrepreneurial thinking is encouraged
  • Passion drives learning
  • Learning is anytime, anywhere
  • Knowledge and information is widely sourced
  • Skills are learnt just in time,
    as the need arises
  • The desire to learn is intrinsically
  • Finding people to collaborate,
    ones who share the passion

We are preparing our young people for life in the outside world, to navigate their way, to pursue their dreams and make positive life choices.

How can we create a seamless transition between these two worlds that are separate by a physical and metaphorical gate?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Create an atmosphere in school that values innovation and creativity
  2. Design the learning and related experiences to be relevant
    to the world outside school
  3. Design spaces that maximise capacity for learning
  4. Encourage a culture of learning (for life)
  5. Support educators along the journey
  6. Help the broader community to understand that school needs to look and feel a lot different

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