What skills and attributes does a principal* need for a school** today***?

If we think that school in 2025 will look like it does today, just think about the disruptive change that mobile technology has brought since the iPad was introduced 2010, in such a short space of time.

The reality is that how learning takes place will transform, the place learning occurs will change and young people are our indicators of how technology is used.

It is essential that we begin to look differently at the role of the principal in future recruitment and development of the role.






One thought on “What skills and attributes does a principal* need for a school** today***?

  1. I was only talking about this particular topic with a colleague the other day. I flippantly said that principals in the future will have to have at least one of three qualifications:

    1. Legal, such as a Juris Doctor; and/or
    2. Psychology
    3. Business, such as a MBA.

    I then started thinking a little more seriously about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that my throwaway comment is probably not that far from the truth. A law degree will enable the school’s leader to speak “legalese” and understand the increasing engagement between education and law. Principals will more than likely have to confer with legal firms that specialise in education and law, and, given time constraints, defer to their experience and time. However, a legal qualification will mean principals can look after their school’s interests in a far better way. A psychology degree is another option. The increasing amount of consideration that schools have to give over to pastoral care issues will mean that psychology studies will put a school leader in good stead. Not only will such a qualification assist in managing complex pastoral care matters that would cross the desk of a principal from time to time but it would also positively contribute to the development of teaching and learning strategies appropriate to the students of the school itself. The business qualification is perhaps the most self explanatory. An MBA would provide business understanding. Economic rationalism is very much alive and well in education and an MBA would provide some skill set in negotiating the environment that it has created.

    Just some thoughts…


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