Why Blog? A blog about blogging inspired by first timer @Jessica_Dubois #leadershipday12

This week a Twitter-Colleague @Jessica_Dubois tweeted:

My 1st post on my 1st blog – Starting action bit.ly/QYiOvA – beginning the journey 

I’ve never actually met Jessica, but we have communicated over Twitter, she is “a primary teacher in a remote, Indigenous community in far-west South Australia”. Her blog is appropriately called Teaching Remotely.

Jessica decided to move from consumer to producer. After thinking about it for about a year she decided to “move my intentions into actions” and “don’t worry be crappy”.

I BLOG (obviously)

It reminded me of when I put my first toe in the very big pond that is the bloggersphere. I decided to have a quick look back to June 2010, with a winced face, at my first post, entitled “What I do and where I’ve been #1” I write “winced” because I’m one of those people who reluctantly look back. But I was encouraged  to see that it reflects the predominant thread of most of my posts, I think my strength is to synthesise ideas (in case you are wondering there was no #2 or #3 – I’m pretty random).

The first brief post concludes…I spent some time thinking about the case-study of NBCS/SCIL and I’ve synthesised the process to four key elements: Vision, People, Spaces, Culture


There is a group at Northern Beaches Christian School called “SCIL Associates”, led by @Steve_Collis. SCIL (Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning) was originally conceived as a place and a group to belong to, where keen educators catch up and share practice. Steve calls it the “coalition of the willing”. No compulsion, just come along. So each Friday afternoon they catch up, talk about what they’ve been doing and share with trusted peers, those crazy ideas that are circling in their minds. SCIL Associates are also encouraged to Tweet and Blog, and I think that the combination of these elements have led to excited, motivated and innovative educators who have significantly caught and carried the vision and culture at Northern Beaches Christian School.

So I asked them, why do you blog? Here are the key reasons:


To share different pedagogy or new teaching ideas and resources with teachers you don’t know and hence cannot communicate with, face to face.

I like to blog to spread good news.

Blogging provides me with an opportunity to share…

To share insights around a common interest with a wider audience…


Blogging provides me with an opportunity to… influence,

allow for global input, and hopefully help/inspire other teachers with my work.


To articulate what learning has actually occurred from a seemingly crazy idea.

To reflect on my teaching, allow for global input, and hopefully help/inspire other teachers with my work.

It is helpful to articulate what you are thinking so that it is clear in your own mind and therefore more helpful when explaining to others.

It is also good to be able to go over old posts to see what you were processing or implementing at a certain time, kind of like a

teaching/learning journal.

As a professional reflective journal


…and seek out soul mates

To share insights around a common interest with a wider audience and with enough space to expand thoughts

5. AND ME?

Personally, I find blogging to be like a release valve of my creative thinking. If only you could see my piles of journals filled over many years. I have always wanted to write, I have written, but nobody else had read my thoughts until I discovered blogging.

Now when a thought or an idea takes hold, I play with it in my mind and then write. I love the process, but there is fear and trepidation when an idea gets out. Then I am encouraged when people read it (I do confess to stat-addiction). Goals and discipline work for me as a motivator to keep blogging. I try and aim for one a week.

So if like @Jessica_Dubois you have consumed for a while it’s time to start. Don’t analyse or make excuses, face your fears (we all have them) and get started. In time you will find your voice and blogging will take hold of you.

Tweet me: #whyblog @anneknock

2 thoughts on “Why Blog? A blog about blogging inspired by first timer @Jessica_Dubois #leadershipday12

  1. Anne,
    Loved reading this and happy to have inspired a post! Your advice is great – “don’t analyse and make excuses” – this is easy to do and what stopped me for so long. Educators are time poor, so for me, creating a blog was always pushed to the bottom of the list of things to do. I do realise that creating one is just the beginning and I have to now write! But having received support from colleagues like yourself at the very beginning of my blogging journey, I feel inspired to continue and improve as I “find my voice”. It does feel like there is a “coalition of the willing” online too and over the past few days, I’ve really felt a sense of joy to be amongst people in our profession who are so passionate and inspired to continue to improve. Thanks for sharing
    Cheers, Jess 🙂


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