Growing a professional learning community in your school: ONE thing that you need first.

Effective and lasting change in schools, or any organisation for that matter, is a result of a strategic process, designed to meet the needs of the school, rather than ‘sending a couple of teachers off to a workshop’. When I first started at SCIL we decided to run workshops on a variety of educational topics, such as ‘Learning […]

Innovating learning environments: 4 ways to think about sustaining change

We love the photos of cool learning spaces with funky furniture They are captivating, inspiring, but it is impossible to know the full story from a tweeted photo. Recently I’ve had numerous opportunities to talk about the context for change and  several resonating themes are emerging around people and change: That chair/table/tech won’t be the silver bullet It’s […]

Enabling Spontaneous Learning Environments: 5 keys to breaking free of (or within) the 4 walls

  Are you comfortable with spontaneity, creating a context for learning that is fluid and able to respond to ideas? One of the underpinning factors in the design for Manhattan and The City, the newest precinct at Northern Beaches Christian School, has been to enable the creation of spontaneous spaces. “We have created a structure whereby […]

Leadership Culture 201: Two steps to transforming your school

Two steps to transforming your school: Step 1: Find your true north Step 2: Do everything that will make Step 1 happen Many of us agree that the historical model of school is broken and not serving the future, or even the present. Often the factory analogy of separation is used to describe the education […]

Let’s change the way teachers learn, so we can change the way teachers teach #mim14

We’ve just concluded our fifth Making it Mobile workshop, held at Northern Beaches Christian School. Excited and passionate educators arrived from Queensland, Victoria, ACT, UK, NZ  and Sydney. At Making it Mobile we present a professional learning experience that gives meaningful and helpful input as well as providing teams with the time and the space to play […]

What’s in the ‘secret sauce’ of an innovative school? The SCIL story

Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS), on the suburban fringe of Sydney has gained a reputation for innovation. There are many components that make this so, including, engaging learning programs, the physical spaces and places around the school, passionate and engaged students, and motivated and inspiring teachers. For the many hundreds of educational visitors who come […]

How can schools be fit for purpose? High Tech High – passion, creativity, aesthetics #PBL

It’s one thing to say tech geniuses don’t need degrees. After all, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg all dropped out of college. But now we’ve got David Karp, who doesn’t even have a high school diploma. Karp, 26, founded Tumblr, the online blogging forum, and sold it to Yahoo for $US1.1 billion. (full […]

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us.” (Churchill) Rethinking spaces to learn & work

Churchill was well-known for his classic quotes at a time of crisis: “We shall fight them on the beaches” “Never Give In” His humorous retorts: Lady Astor: “If I were married to you, I’d put poison in your coffee.” Churchill: “If I were married to you, I’d drink it.” On the rebuilding of the House […]

Why Blog? A blog about blogging inspired by first timer @Jessica_Dubois #leadershipday12

This week a Twitter-Colleague @Jessica_Dubois tweeted: My 1st post on my 1st blog – Starting action – beginning the journey  I’ve never actually met Jessica, but we have communicated over Twitter, she is “a primary teacher in a remote, Indigenous community in far-west South Australia”. Her blog is appropriately called Teaching Remotely. Jessica decided to […]

Thinking like a start up: ‘Follow-through’ sets the innovative leader apart. My 5 step process #MakingItMobile

innovate (verb): to introduce something new; make changes in anything established When I was young the term ‘inventor’ was used instead of ‘innovator’. My image of the inventor was a lone, crazy-haired guy on the brink of madness, working alone in the lab,  testing and retesting his ideas, then revealing the final product to the […]