Reinventing professional learning at Making it Mobile, Auckland 2012 #mim2012

A brilliant bringing together of essential goals in education, matched to powerful methods of education for this age. It has opened up my mind to the means of unleashing creativity in children. (Participant)

Our team has just concluded hosting a two day workshop Making it Mobileheld in Auckland, at Albany Senior High School

What happens when you take 60 educators, turn traditional PD on its head and then let them loose to learn?

It’s engaging, inspiring and overwhelming.

What happens when professional learning looks like good students learning?

It becomes collaborative, creative, crowd-sourced and challenging.

What a buzz! Community of practice re-imagining the future! #mim2012

A few key principles that shaped our planning:

  • design principles in the development of content
  • presenting PD within a new paradigm
  • crowd sourcing professional learning
  • providing an open learning environment for adult learners
  • being highly relational in the approach

Anne says “We believe teacher learning should look like good student learning.” #mim2012

The result was two days of fast-paced learning with content input, on-the-shoulder guidance and “a buzz in the room [that] was palpable.”

@matonfender and @steve_collis are tweeting, obviously

The first day started with a keynote from @Stephen_h (Stephen Harris), principal at Northern Beaches Christian School and Director/Founder of Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning. He framed the opening session around the changing landscape of school education –  a profound learning culture, facilitated by technology, space and pedagogy that empowers and engages students.

Schools as a functional relational community as a base for learning  #mim2012

#mim2012 reinforcing teaching as inquiry to bring together to bring together thinking skills, differentiation and collaboration supported by ICT!

Love the genuine mix of student centred and sometime teacher lead learning landscapes at SCIL #mim2012

Don’t stay a teacher if you just want a comfortable job #mim2012

Interactive whiteboards? Like CDs – transition technology between records and itunes. IWBs – transition between whiteboards and #BYOD #mim2012

The remainder of the day practitioners scrolled through workshops led by @steve_collis, @matonfender, @ldeibe and @mosborne01


  • Lou Deibe – Learning Matrix
  • Steve Collis – Flipped Learning
  • Mark Burgess – Project-Based Learning

And from Albany Senior High School

  • Mark Osborne – with Unlimited Ideas

Learning matrix, what a great idea #mim2012

Creating a common language for PBL linking the scientific method, technology process and inquiry method #mim2012

#mim2012 designing an icon, quite enjoyed the process

icons need to be simple to visually de-clutter #mim2012

From battery hens to free range chickens – freedom of movement to the students @steve_collis #mim2012

if we relinquish control why is there not anarchy #mim2012

Edcanvas – great for gathering multimedia resources and sites for students #mim2012

On the second day, the theme was:

What will you build?’

What do I want to build? Answer is getting tougher with all the inspiring ideas #mim2012

Participants were encouraged to take the input from the previous day and build something. That ‘something’ may have been a project-based unit, a personalised learning matrix, using Edmodo or Edcanvas, planning for BYOD and a range of other practical ideas.

The Commons at Albany Senior High School became an open-space learning environment for educator-learners, with coaching from the SCIL team, pop-up training sessions and small groups planning great ideas for their students.

Participants were encouraged to host workshops on their areas of techie expertise – who says it’s the presenters who are the only ones to share?

The Twittersphere was abuzz with #mim2012 – sharing ideas and resources and convincing the laggards that there was more to this thing that what you had for breakfast.

The two days wrapped up with a promise to return in 2013.

We thought we were coming to use BYOD better, but have since realised we are changing our classroom practice. #mim2012

So many ideas for transformation. So happy to be involved with an innovative school #learningtransformation #mim2012

very thought-provoking couple of days #mim2012

Loving the work that I’ve been able to create after being inspired by a great deal of people at #mim2012 #crowd-sourcing = eavesdropping

Take a leap into the 21st century and change your pedagogical approach. Collaborate with the switched on educators from SCIL. (Participant)

An inspiring and thought-provoking range of workshops which really got my creative juices flowing. (Participant)

Would you like us to bring this workshop to your city?


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