How do you lead innovation in schools? Step 1: Unlearn some old stuff & Step 2: Learn some new stuff

School leaders – here’s a quick quiz Are you prepared for disruption, mess and opposing viewpoints? Do you think you can successfully challenge the status quo? Can you throw out conventional approaches to leadership? Will you stick to it for the long haul? Yes? Then read on. Making It Mobile is the SCIL signature workshop for educators coming […]

Let’s change the way teachers learn, so we can change the way teachers teach #mim14

We’ve just concluded our fifth Making it Mobile workshop, held at Northern Beaches Christian School. Excited and passionate educators arrived from Queensland, Victoria, ACT, UK, NZ  and Sydney. At Making it Mobile we present a professional learning experience that gives meaningful and helpful input as well as providing teams with the time and the space to play […]

Making it Mobile… goes mobile again. Thanks Adelaide #mim13

As I sit on a sofa in the open learning area at Concordia College in Adelaide, around me are educators ‘playing’ – working on projects, developing ideas for their students and learning new tech tricks. Great learning is ‘hard fun’. The premise of professional learning underpinning Making It Mobile is to provide a context for […]

Reinventing professional learning at Making it Mobile, Auckland 2012 #mim2012

A brilliant bringing together of essential goals in education, matched to powerful methods of education for this age. It has opened up my mind to the means of unleashing creativity in children. (Participant) Our team has just concluded hosting a two day workshop Making it Mobile, held in Auckland, at Albany Senior High School What happens when you […]

Thinking like a start up: ‘Follow-through’ sets the innovative leader apart. My 5 step process #MakingItMobile

innovate (verb): to introduce something new; make changes in anything established When I was young the term ‘inventor’ was used instead of ‘innovator’. My image of the inventor was a lone, crazy-haired guy on the brink of madness, working alone in the lab,  testing and retesting his ideas, then revealing the final product to the […]