Generosity acts “Now, where’s my credit card?”

My first lesson: Generosity acts.

I have been inspired by  family and friends who, after receiving my email, immediately donated to my adventure. Within a couple of days of sending and email and getting the word out the target was reached.

My wider community saw an opportunity to help and took action. On the other side of $1250 I saw challenge and difficulty. Then a flurry over a 48 hours saw the target reached. It actually wasn’t that hard, with the benefit of hindsight.

I realise I need to increase my own spontaneous generosity.

Of course, generosity doesn’t always mean financial, but money is usually the best resource to mobilise locally. It is versatile, easily exchangeable across the nations and means that longer term planning can be budgeted.

As a result of the generosity shown to me, I have decided to also give generously to the Philippines crisis. Not just say, “I should” “I will”, but

“Where is my credit card and who should I give to?”

So now my fundraising has reached it’s goal I will pause. Anyone who was thinking of donating to me please direct your resources to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

If you are stuck for an organisation, here are some suggestions:

World Vision 
Opportunity International 
Red Cross 

So say it after me, “Now, where’s my credit card?” Then open a link and give what you can.


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