Perseverance overcomes delay, discouragement and difficulty

photo 1 (1)As an adult, sustaining a state of fitness has always been a struggle for me. I’m good in spurts of enthusiasm for different attempts, but maintaining for the long haul often eludes me. That is why a goal is good.

Sometimes, when we remember our passions and skills we possessed as a child, it is a good encouragement of what is within us. At school I was an athlete and a swimmer. I always performed best during these events. But then when it came to most team sports I found my hand-eye-feet coordination always made me end up in a tangle.

Perseverance started in earnest this morning.

There are 70 days until 26 January, 2014. That’s 10 weeks to the event. In that time I need to go from being able to swim 100 metres and increase it 10 times. That is daunting.

Perseverance: persistence in doing something,
withstanding discouragement, difficulty or delay
in achieving success

Basically, doing something you don’t feel like doing.

Delay: Yesterday I was supposed to get to beach training, as part of the CanToo program. However, on Friday night I was laid low with food poisoning. I didn’t get there and by Saturday morning I was still feeling terrible. Looking at the days clicking away, I know I needed to maximise every opportunity, and this one was lost. It needed to be made up.

Discouragement: In November in Sydney it is often sunny, 25°C and beautiful. It wasn’t. It was 17°C, cold and wet. Bill had risen early to watch the Wallabies play Ireland, so we were up anyway. We had a few hours up our sleeve before heading to church, so the opportunity existed. We looked outside, it wasn’t actually raining. He took a little convincing.

It’s about a 10 minute drive to Nielsen Park, the harbour beach where we like to swim. The breadth is about 125m, so a good training place. As we pulled into park at 7am the rain started to come down. We were tempted to give up, but waited and the rain subsided. We went for the swim.

Difficulty: As I face the challenge of being able to swim 1km I do wonder if this is actually possible.  Even this morning, as I puffed my way (slowly) through 250m I saw myself at the base of a very high mountain, with a long way to climb. In these situations, I remind myself of the capability I had as a young person to train and to win. The capacity is there. I need to tap into it.

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4 thoughts on “Perseverance overcomes delay, discouragement and difficulty

  1. I read this and I really feel identified with you, because I guess everybody like to take some challenges but the important part for me that you mention is perseverance, I know you can do it because you know exactly what you need 🙂


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