Change is in the wind, it’s time to unfurl the spinnaker and set the course in a new direction… I have some news.

shutterstock_97936262One of my favourite things is to watch the yachts on Sydney Harbour, small and large, dashing and gliding. While I prefer to have my feet firmly planted on terra firma I am captivated by these vessels. I remember one Boxing Day at Nielsen Park on the harbour foreshore, braving the crowds at the start of the annual Sydney to Hobart race. The maxi-yachts jostled for position before the starting gun and the smaller ones scooting around in between like mice. And once it goes, the scene changes immediately. These giants head toward the open water, releasing the spinnaker at the strategic moment, it unfurls, the wind in the sail and they are ready for the open water.

I am someone who embraces change, my life message is one that encourages people as they embark on the change journey. It can be risky, adventurous and challenging, while simultaneously exciting, exhilarating and refreshing. Change is a necessary condition to be able to  follow our dreams. We can’t move forward in life and avoid change.

I’m making a big change for 2018, I am leaving SCIL.

The time has come to make a shift in my life. Over the past eight years I have had incredible experiences through the work at SCIL, I’ve met many extraordinary, passionate professionals from across the globe, seeking a fresh approach to designing schools and rethinking the experience of learning. I have worked alongside some wonderful colleagues at NBCS. I am grateful to Stephen Harris for entrusting me with the opportunity to grow SCIL.

So why change?

You must know that niggling feeling, a healthy dissatisfaction and a glimpse of something new. Across 2017 a number of significant conversations, phone calls and messages, seemingly out of nowhere, have come my way and sparked my curiosity for something new. My PhD needs more time, I truly believe the ILETC project is an important one, not just for Australia, but globally for the future of so many kids. And you just know it’s time to take a step and pursue those passions in life.  The things I love…

Culture | Learning | Design

Culture is about people, creating the conditions for human potential to flourish.

Learning as a lifelong journey for us all.

Design to solve problems, develop strategy and create beauty.

What will I be doing? 

  • Facilitating workshops on people, pedagogy and space
  • Consulting on place, design and people
  • Speaking, writing and researching
  • Sharing ideas through professional travel experiences
  • Connecting people and ideas

So where can you find me?

  • This blog site is becoming my website
  • You can easily find me on social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook
  • My mobile is still the same

Fill out the contact form and I’ll keep you in the loop with my adventures!

I’m unfurling the spinnaker, venturing out into the open water with the wind in my sails.



17 thoughts on “Change is in the wind, it’s time to unfurl the spinnaker and set the course in a new direction… I have some news.

  1. Anne, it’s SCIL and the great work you do which made me take that long flight to Sydney. That has been a turning point to me school. Our research centre was born with inspiration from you and Stephen Harris. I am sure that there will be more turning points with spinnaker too ! I wish you all the best. Keep inspiring!


  2. Congratulations Anne. Very exciting days ahead of you and us as educators as we await what your research will inform us about. Wishing you all the best as you set sail and pray that the spirit of God will be ever in your sails guiding your way.


  3. Thank you for being courageous and embracing change. In 2018 can we communicate regarding Culture Learning & Design?

    Peter Bosker


  4. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. – Anne I have this on my fridge! Sounds like you are embracing – best of luck and looking forward to how we can collaborate in the future


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