What happens when there is an intersection of design and education? From disaffected to engaged #IfYouBuildIt

Design + Education Design for education – the physical construction of improved spaces, Redesigning education – creating the conditions to make change possible, or perhaps, Design as education – learning design thinking for a community purpose I have long held the idealistic view that when something is sparked in young people, when talents and skills […]

We can’t stay in conference-land forever, now it’s time to get on with it after #edutech and #cefpinz13

Over the last couple of weeks I have been at two conferences, well, kind of. Last week I was in Auckland for CEFPI Australasian Conference, and via the Twitter-feed at Edutech over the last couple of days. Lots of similar messages across both… recognition of the changing times calls to action challenging the status quo […]

Tracking the tweets: Leadership lessons from the Christchurch Earthquake at #CEFPINZ13

‘All the kids are ok’. Humbled by narratives of Christchurch earthquake We’ve just wrapped up the CEPFI Conference for 2013 in Auckland, it was a challenging, inspiring and, at times, an emotional few days. So what is CEFPI? The acronym is for Council for Educational Facilities International, in short, t a dialogue between educators and […]

21st Century PD: Its time to catch up! 8 ideas for engaging adults

I smiled to myself as I considered the irony of the conference presenter decrying the ‘sage on the sage’ as she herself was the ‘sage  on the stage’. Isn’t it time that the educational community addressed the context and delivery of professional learning? Our challenge is to be able to blend expert knowledge and experience […]