Building Community Capacity for Transformational Change

A conference speaker asked the audience, ‘Who thinks the world is changing at a rate so fast it’s hard to keep up?’ Of course, many hands went up. To which he responded, “You know, it’s never going to be this slow again!”. Too often, in my experience, the so-called ‘change management’ process associated with a […]

How to prevent ‘reverting to type’… Rethink change-management to change-leadership

The term ‘reverting to type’ came up this week when we were talking through the process of change with a visitor to NBCS. We met with an educator from a post-secondary college that has an incredible opportunity to bring change, to personalise the learning and enhance the experience for the students. Their space is ready […]

Putting the legs on vision. Making it scalable, sustainable and enduring

There are some people who embrace change and others have change thrust upon them. There are a few who are visionary leaders, some who put legs on vision, others who are swept along and a handful who doggedly hang onto the status quo. Which are you? I’m one of the people ‘who put legs on […]