#FutureSchools depend on getting better with #PresentSchools. Learning from boulders, pebbles and breakfast cereals

Two seemingly unrelated articles caught my attention this week. A great piece by Stephen Heppell on the “School of the future” “In preparing our children for that uncertain future, we inevitably need schools unlike the ones that prepared their parents”. (Article here) And the demise of another “boulder”: Kellogg posts $379m loss as consumers cut back […]

Champion educators: There’s a place for boulders, but who are the new pebbles on the beach? #rethinkingPD

I enjoy my Twitter community. I personalise my use to my interest, seeking out fresh voices of education, practitioners and leaders who are in the day-to-day business of great learning and leading. We all know the big names  – but who are the day-to-day expert voices, the real thought-leaders who are working with kids and […]

Becoming an innovative school? My top 10 ideas

Northern Beaches Christian School: one of the most innovative in the world. Thanks to everyone for great day of discussion …from @wethink When one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation described Northern Beaches Christian School as “one of the most innovative in the world” we were amazed and honoured. Charlie Leadbeater (@wethink), is a […]

From boulders to pebbles: How social media is growing a professional community

Many educators don’t understand the value of Twitter to their professional growth, especially how ideas of significance can be presented in only 140 characters. So I’ve asked a few of my colleagues about their social media experiences. It’s interesting to see how the business-end of town is embracing social media. Here’s a quote from an […]