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Day Zero – SCIL Conference tour to Finland. Follow our adventure #SCILFinland

According to the Weather Channel, our arrival in Helsinki tomorrow will reach the heights of -1C, with snow showers. Thats a little different to the beautiful Sydney day that I leave behind today.

Why am I going to Finland?

I am taking a group of 16 educators and architects to attend the OECD Centre for Exemplary Learning Environments conference to be held in Turku next week. We will also spend a couple of days trying to figure out what makes the Finnish education system tick.

Many of us have read reports and seen the stats. I’m not pretending that immersing myself in the country for 6 days will explain it all, but I’m sure we will get some insights.

Here are some highlights of the week:

Meet with the Finnish National Board of Education, presenting “Reasons behind PISA success”

Visit Heureka Science Centre – with a presentation about the learning centre

Tour with some locals in Tampere and Hameenlinna – looking at e-learning, use of ICT in schools and social media

Visit and tour the Design Factory at Aalto University

This is even before we get to Turku. The conference is run by the OECD CELE in conjunction with the University of Turku – “A recipe for success – transforming learning environments through dynamic local partnerships”

Probably one of the most important things about these tours we run at SCIL, are the conversations. Whether we are travelling on a train or a bus, or over breakfast and dinner, the conversations are rich and challenging.

So join us this time, in a virtual kind of way, and maybe in person next time!

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What does it take to inspire, empower and equip leaders for world where change is the only constant? I am an educational consultant and PhD candidate with the ILETC Project at Melbourne University. I facilitate workshops and regularly speak in the areas of: People, Place and Pedagogy in the new paradigm Facilitating change Challenging current practice Learning space design Equipping leaders to navigate change International education context I am passionate about rethinking school and learning to inspire and equip young people for an exciting future. To contact Anne and find out more about the work of SCIL or make contact visit:

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