(Pedagogy + Place) & (Rhetoric + Reality) in learning space design: A decade of dialogue

“How to bring our schools out of the 20th Century” was the title of an article in TIME in December 2006. It featured a more recent take on the Rip Van Winkle fairy tale. After 100 years of slumber, Rip wakes in the first decade of the 21st century. As he walks the streets, observing the citizens of the day […]

Happy teachers matter: Seven things school leaders can do to create the optimal culture

What are some of the things that make us happy in our work? A sense of a job well done Confidence in our abilities Great people to work with Feeling valued for our efforts Being heard and understood In March 2015 the OECD released a report from the International Summit on the Teaching Profession: Schools […]

Innovating school: Mapping the change journey – 5 priorities identified by the OECD

According to the OECD, these are the three ingredients for innovating schools and systems: Leadership: strong leaders who establish optimal conditions in their schools Teachers: Confident and capable in their practice Culture: An openness to innovation OECD Report: Schools for 21st-Century Learners: Strong Leaders, Confident Teachers, Innovative Approaches (2015) by Andreas Schleicher, This document draws from three sources: evidence […]

Are governments just polishing the chrome on the 1965 vehicle, when we need to design a new hybrid model?

Over the past few years ‘education’ in the media followed politicians announcing large-scale projects. The Australian Government’s 2009 GFC stimulus package, ‘Building the Education Revolution’, was more of a building program and the 2007 ‘Digital Education Revolution’ (Year 9 1:1 laptop program) was an election promise that seemed to misunderstand the future technology needs for […]

Australia’s educational reform: Becoming the Creative Country and the Clever Country #my5pointplan

When you are climbing the ladder of success, make sure it is leaning against the right wall. Education is on the political agenda this week in Australia. In the media our PM, Julia Gillard has been quoted as championing: A national crusade, a chance for change, education transforming the life of every child. This can be achieved, […]

Reflection on the Finnish education system: More questions than answers #SCIL

Having spent a little time in Finland I have gained an impression of the educational culture and the system’s achievements. Educators from all over the world are travelling to Finland to learn from their PISA success. Some to try and improve their own country’s outcomes, while some nations are keen to topple them from the […]

Day Zero – SCIL Conference tour to Finland. Follow our adventure #SCILFinland

According to the Weather Channel, our arrival in Helsinki tomorrow will reach the heights of -1C, with snow showers. Thats a little different to the beautiful Sydney day that I leave behind today. Why am I going to Finland? I am taking a group of 16 educators and architects to attend the OECD Centre for […]

Learning from Finland and connecting with my heritage

In less than a week I will have the opportunity to visit two schools in Finland. Since I was a child I have been proud of my Finnish heritage. My grandfather was a merchant sailor early last century. He arrived in Sydney, jumped ship and fell in love with a young Australian woman. Sadly, the […]